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Mar 19, 2014
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Printable Halloween Word Search
Printable Halloween Word Searchdownload

What games do you play on Halloween?

One of the most fun holidays of the year is Halloween. On Halloween night, usually, people will dress up as a spooky creature and let the kids have some fun night with ‘trick or treat’ at the end of October. 

Since a lot of people are hosting parties, you need to make your party more unique than usual. A lot of decorations, delicious food, and sweets, also you need to make some games to add more fun. The game you play on Halloween is better if it can be played by all ages since Halloween is one of the best quality times for big families. So, everyone can play together at times. 

Here are some games you can play at Halloween parties:

  1. Halloween word games.
  2. Halloween bingo games.
  3. Guess ‘What in the box?’ games.
  4. Hide and seek.
  5. Dance freeze games using monster theme songs.


What are some Halloween activities?

On Halloween night, the kids usually do some ‘Trick or Treat’ in the neighborhood, but aside from that, the adult can do many other things. Such as drinks games, Halloween word games, Halloween bingo games, and other activities.

Since the fun things on Halloween night are about the spooky costume and decorations, then you can do any activities that relate to the monster theme. 

How do you make Halloween fun at home?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing people to stay at home, we need to solve this case to make Halloween still fun at home. So, other than ‘Trick or Treat’ and hosting parties, there are how to make Halloween fun at home:

  1. Bake or cook Halloween dinner together.
  2. Halloween word games.
  3. Tell some ghosts story.
  4. Watching horror movies together.
  5. Play Halloween bingo games.
  6. Playing a ghost hunter (Hide and Seek).
  7. Crave Jack ‘O Lantern together.
  8. Guess ‘What in the box?’ Halloween theme.
  9. Use toilet paper to wrap the mummy.
  10. Play throw and catch the candy corn.

Halloween Word Scramble Worksheet
Halloween Word Scramble Worksheetdownload

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Halloween Word Scramble Puzzlesdownload
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Printable Halloween Word Scramble Gamedownload
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How do you arrange an adult Halloween party?

To host Halloween parties for adults, you need to be more creative since a lot of people will host the same parties. So, here are some tips to plan a Halloween party for adults:

  1. Prepare delicious food with a Halloween theme. One of the most important things about hosting a party is the delicious food. So, to make it more fun on Halloween night, you need to make delicious food with a spooky theme.
  2. Give spooky party invitations. To make people more interested in attending your party, one of the most important things is to make decorative and creative spooky party invitations. So, people can imagine how interesting your party is.
  3. Don’t forget about sweets and drink. To make Halloween night more special, of course, you need one of the most important aspects, ‘The Sweet and Spooky Drinks’.

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