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Aug 16, 2021
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Happy Halloween Banner Printable
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How do you make decorations around the house for Halloween?

We will celebrate Halloween at the end of October, or 31 October to be precise. People will celebrate it by dressing as ghosts or other spooky creatures, visiting their neighbor with that dress and saying “trick or treat”, playing scary games, and decorating their house with a spooky theme. You can do the last thing if you don’t like to go outside. There’s a lot of decorations you can make to decorate your house on Halloween day. One of the most favorite Halloween decorations is the Halloween banner. It is a banner with a spooky, dark theme. Usually Halloween banner contains the “Happy Halloween” word. You can buy a this banner to decorate your house on Halloween day. It is available in various sizes. You can buy the banner in big size to decorate the exterior of your house (or even the street), or a relatively small banner to decorate the room inside your house. 

How do you make a homemade banner?

If you can’t find a Halloween banner at your nearest shop, you can make your own awesome banner. First, make the prototype on a piece of paper. It’s important to decide the concept first, like the shape of your banner, or the color of it. After you have the concept of your banner, go buy the material. The simplest form of a Halloween banner is a 10 x 10cm piece of paper with pumpkin pictures or another spooky theme. Buy some pieces of paper and a ribbon. Then, paint the paper with any color you like. You can paint the paper with darker paint to make it spookier. Then, draw any Halloween things on that piece of paper. The most favorite picture to put on the banner is a pumpkin. After that, you can put that paper on a piece of ribbon. Put a certain volume of paper into one ribbon. Finally, your Halloween banner is done.

Halloween Banner Printable
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How do I make a long banner?

Another form of Halloween banner is a very long banner. This form is simply because you don’t need to cut paper or buy a lot of little papers. You can just buy a long piece of cloth for your long banner. Then you can draw anything you like on that long banner, but don’t forget the spooky theme. After that, you can hang your Halloween banner with four pieces of ropes. Put those ropes on the corner of your banner. You can tie your Halloween banner on the wall or simply nail it.

How do you set the photo booth backdrop for the Halloween party?

Setting the photo booth at a Halloween party makes your guest can capture their moment in spooky looks. That’s why you better set the photo booth which in line with the party theme.

If you seek ideas for setting the photo booth backdrop, you can try following the one below.

Set the backdrop in all black and embellish it with the Halloween items. You can fill the upper backdrop with the sticky spider web along with its spider. For the standing decoration, you can go with the standing skull.

Add the frame booth for the guest to insert their face on it. The banner in the skull template will be spot on too. Light the booth with a spooky jack o lantern. To support your guest looks, you can also add photo booth props.

What things to include in your Halloween gift box?

Halloween celebration can be the time you share the spooky gift with your friends. Many kinds of gifts you can choose to put in the gift box. If you seek the recommendation, just check this out to get inspired!

 Include the Halloween candies along with the scented candle in a spooky theme. For the candies, you can choose the ones that become people’s favorites such as M&M’s and Reese.

You can label the scented candle with the witchy label as an eerie accent. Write the Halloween letter and stamp it with the spooky image to make it more stunning.

What Halloween outdoor games suit kids?

If you are about to arrange activities for your kids during the Halloween celebration, going with outdoor games will make them enjoy the celebration. There are many kinds of Halloween games you can choose from. Let’s check out to see the game's recommendations!

Witchy hat toss sounds good to your kids. Make the witchy hat and the plastic ring. In this game, kids need to throw the ring into the hat. Pumpkin bowling is such a great outdoor game. All you need to gather are the small pumpkin and ghoulish bowling pin. It basically likes ordinary bowling.

So, the kids just have to throw the pumpkin ball in the bowling pin. The player with the largest score will be the winner of this game.

Other Halloween outdoor games you can arrange for your kids are skeleton scavenger hunt, mummy sack race, apple bobbing, and many more.

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