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Jun 20, 2021
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Dumbbell Exercises
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Can you gain muscle with dumbbells?

Yes, you can. When we lift, the dumbbell makes the free range of motion easier. We can also engage different stabilizer muscles by using dumbbells. When we lift using a dumbbell, it trains our chest to be well-built. This device helps us to squeeze our chest more so that the muscle is gained. The kind of dumbbell that is helpful for gaining the muscle chest is dumbbells bench press. Download dumbbell workout poster to determine the workout regimen. A dumbbell is also a good option when we want to gain lean muscle mass wholly.

What is the best dumbbell workout?

We can not define the best dumbbell workout. We can say that it's the best if it suits our needs and the current condition of our body. However, there are some exercises that are the best to lose weight and build muscle, including:
1.    Goblet squat
Simply hold the one of sides of a dumbbell in front of the chest. Spread the leg as wide as the shoulder. Then, squat and stand up steady. Repeat the same movement. This will train and gain the glutes and calves muscles.
2.    Dumbbell clean
We are required to prepare two dumbbells in this exercise. Hold two dumbbells with each hand. Bend your back, make sure your hands are stretched straight downward. Squat for a moment and immediately stand up, bring the barbell upwards while turning your palms towards your shoulders. Close the movement by standing straight firmly. This activity is suitable for gaining glutes, calves, biceps, and quads.
3.    Farmers' walk
We also need two dumbbells here to keep our position balanced. Simply hold the dumbbells, bring the dumbbells below, and walk fast while holding the dumbbells. This is really good for the upper back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps.
4.    Bent-over row
Clench the muscle of the stomach, core, hold the two dumbbells with each hand, bend ninety degrees, and bring the dumbbells up and down, as long as the movement does not go beyond the shoulder position. This is useful to create a "V shape"  and train the upper body.

Exercises with Dumbbells at Home
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Can I workout with dumbbells everyday?

Muscle needs some time, approximately 48 hours, to heal after a workout. Even though we are motivated enough until we schedule a daily workout with dumbbell workout poster, we still need some time to rest the muscle. The US Department of health recommends us to exercise 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise in a day. They also recommend doing weight training as many as two days in a week.

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