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Updated on Sep 19, 2021
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Printable Blank Weekly Menu Templates
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What do Japanese students eat for lunch at school?

When it comes to having meals at school, the country that has unique meals across our mind would be Japan. It is because they keep bringing their lunchbox named bento. Well, things that make bento seem unique and peculiar is because they decorate the food so it looks like the character of cartoon or animation or they create it to look like a cute animal. Typically, the meals inside their lunchbox consist of protein and fiber. The staple food that is commonly chosen is white rice. Then, the protein consists of chicken, beef, or egg. We can also find vegetables with soup and a box of milk there. Pretty healthy, right? Well, we can also create our schedule for meals when lunch break with a blank menu for daycare too. We can create our own menu that we want to consume in a day. This will be helpful for us to schedule and plan what we want to eat next. We can also review the nutrition intake so that it will be balanced.

What is the most common school lunch?

Actually, a blank menu for daycare can be used at home to schedule and motivate us to cook more various kinds of meals. So, we will not feel bored and the nutrition intake will be various and balanced too. Well, before we download a blank menu for daycare and fill it with our kinds of meals, actually we need to prepare what kind of grocery list that we can buy to make our "dreamy" lunch meals come true. Usually, the grocery should include carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Here are the list of grocery that we can buy to make our lunch menu for daycare:
1. Eggs.
2. Chicken, turkey, or ham.
3. Cheese.
4. Yogurt.
5. Hummus.
6. Fresh vegetables and fruits.
7. Peas.

The common staple food as our source of carbohydrate can be:
1. Pasta.
2. Rice.
3. Chickpeas.
4. Corn.
5. Tortilla.
6. Crackers.

Printable Day Care Menu Templates
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Printable Blank Day Care Menus
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What is the healthiest school lunch?

Surely, to get the best benefits of filling our blank menu for daycare, we need to cook our healthiest meals. Nutritious foods help us to grow appropriately. This will affect the learning process too. Plus, we will not be tired easily because we have nutritious food as our fuel. Here are the foods that can be considered as the healthiest food for blank menu for daycare:
1. Fresh fruit.
2. Fresh crunchy vegetables/
3. Milk, yogurt, and cheese that contains low fat or skimmed and unsalted.
4. Lean meat, hard-boiled egg, or peanut butter.
5. Tap water to keep the kids hydrated.

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