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Updated on May 12, 2023
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What's Sunday School Like?

Sunday school is a session for young Christians that lasts for one hour. Sessions are held every Sunday. At the session, the children were taught about the Bible and also about prayers. Usually, the children who take part in that weekly session are children from the ages of 3-20 years.

Sunday School teachers are church administrators. However, they must be people who are experienced in providing knowledge about Christianity.

Sunday School is held by nearby churches. So, if your children want to take part in the Sunday School program, you can help them find information about the Sunday School at the nearest church to where you live.

When was Sunday School Held?

Even though Sunday School is not a strange thing, there are still people who do not know about the history of the Sunday School. In the past, Sunday school was a school where children studied. So, it's the same as a regular school.

Sunday school was first created in England in 1780. The school could only be held on Sundays because only on that day the children could go to school. The reason is, on other days, they have to work in factories. It happened because of the English Revolution.

Then, Robert Raiker spread Sunday school to America. That has made Sunday school popular and imitated by various countries in the world to this day.

The existence of Sunday school is very helpful for working families because their children can get the opportunity to get free education. One of the main subjects in the Sunday school is Christian religious education. At that time, the Bible became a textbook used as a medium for learning to read. Meanwhile, the children learned to write by copying sentences from the Bible. Not only that, children are also taught about prayer and singing to God.

What is the Importance of Sunday School in Religious Education?

By conducting Sunday school regularly, children will have a good knowledge of religious education. Therefore, here is the importance of Sunday School in religious education.

  1. Spiritual Education Program

    So, Sunday school is carried out to provide spiritual education programs and a place for developing children's faith. So, church administrators wanted to guide the children to have strong faith in the Lord Jesus.

    Therefore, the church must always do evaluations to find out whether the lessons they have given are well understood by children. In addition, the church must also try to provide Sunday school learning innovations so that children do not get bored.

  2. Life Lessons for Children

    By attending Sunday school, children have good faith and religion. Children are also expected to be able to share the good messages written in Bible with others. So, Sunday school is not only a medium for giving religious knowledge to children, but also a way of being kind to others.

  3. Children's Guide

    Sunday school is a good guide for children. The reason is, technology is growing rapidly. If this is not balanced with a good religious education through Sunday school, children can easily do bad things to themselves or others.

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What is Taught in Sunday School?

Christian parents definitely want to have children who have strong faith in God. Therefore, parents always try to send their children to Sunday school. The reason is, there are several important lessons taught to children in Sunday school. Here are some principles taught to children in Sunday school.

  1. Guard Your Heart and Yourself So You Don't Sin

    All religions must teach about sin, including in Christianity. In Sunday school, children are also taught about sin and goodness. Children are taught not to follow lust and get caught up in sin.

    One of God's words taught to children related to this is Proverbs 4:23. As a foundation of life to stay on the right way, children must also understand Romans 13:14.

  2. Against the Bad Things

    Children are also taught to be brave against the bad things around them, including the bad things that are in their minds. An example is when children want to cheat, children must be able to avoid these thoughts by doing other positive things.

  3. Protecting the Heart is Easier than Cleaning the Heart

    God has given important advice written in Matthew 15: 18-19 which states that when the heart does bad things, the mouth and mind will also do bad things. That's what makes children do bad things easily. Therefore, fixing something bad is more difficult than avoiding doing something bad.

  4. Learn to Be a Good Person

    Sunday school also teaches children to be good people for others. This is also God's message in 1 Corinthians 10: 23-24 that humans must live to be able to give benefit to others.

  5. Small Compromises Make Big Impacts

    If children are used to compromising with small mistakes, big mistakes will be perceived as something normal by them. For this reason, Sunday school teaches children to have a strong foundation in accordance with James 1: 14-15.

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