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Updated on Oct 25, 2022
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Baby Shower Sign in Sheet Printable
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How do you make a baby shower welcome sign?

A welcoming sign for the party is a must, including for the baby shower. For having the baby shower sign, you can actually DIY it that is budget-friendly. If you are looking for ideas for making the baby shower welcoming sign, check out how you can make one at home below!

Before jumping to the making process, decide on the materials to use for your welcome sign. Let’s go with the wooden material first. For the wooden, you can create it in some ways. Using the blackboard can works too. Have the welcome sign along with the tags by drawing it using chalk.

Make it spot on by using colorful chalk for layering the tags. Place it on the wooden stand holder to display it. If you want to go further instead of just a blackboard design, consider using the wooden board to paint.

Measure the wooden board as you want to. Paint it with a color that relates to the party theme. For example, the detail of your party is all white and blue. You can go with blue as the color base and white for the tags. Use the hanging holder and embellish it with dried flowers.

The acrylic-based suit is for those who seek elegant design. Have the acrylic design with clear look tags and soft background color. Make it stunning with the balloon’s details around the holder. place your painting welcome sign also excellent. Include the welcoming tags along with the party host and details of the date. Just display it with the canvas holder and place it on your entrance.

Choose the one between those designs and make your guest impressed!

What to include in the baby shower gift package?

Attending to baby shower party with an empty hand is a big no-no. Have a package full of baby things as a gift. If you are looking for gift ideas to bring to a baby shower party, let’s cut the chase and straight to the recommendations!

Hand a gift that makes the newborn has better sleep with the white noise machines. Choose a colorful design to develop the baby's eyesight. A newborn journal is definitely what a new mom needs. You can select the journal that includes the medical log, meal planner, newborn tracker development, and many more. Designing by yourself allows you to have all the logs you think the mom needed.

The portable diaper changing station is very helpful. This gift is easy to carry and convenient to pack all of the things for diaper changing. You can also pack it with items to place inside such as diapers, wipes, lotions, changing mats, and so much more.

Have a package of baby bath items such as a toothbrush, little comb, body wash, shampoo, lotion, nail trimmer, and so on. Place it on the carry bag and wrap it cutely. You can also go with a set of baby cutlery. Consist of the spoon, bowl, plate, fork, meal box, water cup, and bottle in a pack.

Those are the baby shower items to pack as a gift. With bring one of those gifts, you can a bit overcome the mom’s burden of preparing for all of those needs.

Baby Shower Guest List Template
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Baby Shower Guest List Sign in Sheet
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Baby Shower Sign in Sheet Printable
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What unique baby shower guest book ideas?

While preparing for a baby shower party, make sure you include the guest book to track the person that attends your party. Instead of making the ordinary design for them to sign in, better to create unique ones. If you are seeking baby shower guest book ideas, check out the recommendations below!

Making a tree painting for them to print the guest's thumb sounds to be a great idea. To make it clear you can also require them to write names on the thumbprint. This is kinda fun and suits well the baby shower in nature theme. Making the guests give advice and love words would be lovely. Serve the cute blank notes and a jar to place them.

The frame design of the guest book is interesting too. Serve the cute design of wooden pieces to write the notes. Use the wooden frame for spotting the notes. The puzzle design of guest books seems to be interesting. Have a customize blank wooden puzzle with the baby clothes design.

Let the guest write their wish for the baby on puzzle tiles and once the party ends, you can display it as wall decoration. Instead of leaving the diaper blank, you can make it the medium for the guest to write the wishing notes for the baby.

Those are the unique baby shower guest books to use. Choose the design that suits the most with your party theme. Even if it has a unique design, always make sure the purpose is correct, that is to let your guest sign and share the wish for the mom and baby.

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