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Jun 21, 2022
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Kids World Map with Countries
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What are the largest countries in the world?

The world is divided by the water and the land area which spreads around the territory. As a human with limited access and ability, we are impossible to reach all of the world zones. Using modern technology, some of them can reach a place that we cannot imagine accessing. Recently, the scientific nailed the journey to visit the deepest place in the world.

Of course, they can do this after conducting many times of research. In ancient times, people start to acquire some territory which nowadays can be seen as the country. Time by time the rules and regulations apply to each country. That’s why each country has the power to decide their territory even though it was through blood and tears.

What we have seen on the map does not always have the exact measurement. Therefore, some countries are having the largest area in the world. The world's 1st largest country is Russia which has 17.098.250 km². Following with Canada those famous two million lakes around. China and US have become the third and fourth place. The fifth place is locked by Brazil, which Australia follows to be the sixth-largest country in the world. As a result, knowing these largest countries include learning about geographical information but also general knowledge you require to know. 

How to make your students learn about the globe and maps?

Learning about the surface of the earth can be started at an early age. The globes make kids know the how earth looks, meanwhile the map utilize to determine where they want to go. You can make your kids understand the difference between land and water through the map and the globe. However, you can apply

Various methods to make children learn about the earth's surface through the template of maps and the globe. The first thing you might introduce is the difference between a map and a globe. Make them understand that the things they face are forming differently.

These are some activities related to learning about the earth through the map and globe. Start with the very basics such as naming the name of the globe and map picture. If they haven’t known how it is written, you could begin with the connecting words. Make the kids label the maps and globe to differentiate between land and water. Applying the same form with coloring would be great too. Choose the worksheet that can make your kids categorize the physical feature found in nature and the human feature that hand made.

Another activity that can be applied is categorizing the map and globe picture. In this project, you’ll serve the globe and map pictures with different colors and forms. Your kids require to place every map on the right table by cutting it first and then attaching it. This activity helps to test your kids' understanding of the form of a globe and map. As a result, even the geographical materials which seem to be complicated for kids can be simplified into various but also a fun way to learn.

Rand McNally World Wall Map
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What are some ideas to teach using maps?

Mapping in the classroom means using vocabulary location and applying it to creating a classroom map. This project is commonly used by students at an early age to learn about the map simply. This learning activity can be mentioned as learning geography that requires for the students. There are some steps you can acquire to teach in your class. Each activity in the mapping process has the benefits mainly for making the students understand the map more. Here are the lists you might need to know.

The first one is preparing your map outline and the contents. In this case, you need to prepare the classroom map with the furniture as the content which can be replaced using the colored paper cutouts. Make them understand the concept of near and far to have them easier in describing the location. Explain the purpose of the map and tell them the perspective of a bird’s eye map. Require each person to describe what and where the things in the classroom with the concept that they have already learned. Ask the students to move their fingers to point to the places.

Another thing to apply is using the map for the treasure hunt. You might hide the coins in certain places around the class and make them search for them. Teach them about the map history are allowed too. Introduce them to the first person who creates the map and another knowledge for them to understand. After they master it, you can move on to introduce them to the real map. Explain the differences between the water and the land based on the color. From this explanation, we possibly apply the various teaching method based on the map form. Remember to stick with the concept of making students engage with your materials, not just how creative it is.

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