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Mar 10, 2023
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Based on the Oxford Dictionary, art is the application of expression and skills using creative imagination. This creative imagination can be in visuals, sound, and other forms that have beauty and emotional strength.

According to the explanation in The Meaning of Art book, art is an effort made by humans to create various forms that are pleasing. These forms are able to satisfy a sense of human sense with beauty.

Art has several media of expression, including media for language, media for movement, media for sound, medium for telling stories, and media for expressing shapes-lines-colors. These media are one of the important things to realize various forms of art.

Relations between Art, Community, and Culture

Art and culture have a close relationship that cannot be separated. Art is a way to express culture. In Communication theory, everyone has a role to be able to transfer ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge to others. One of them is in terms of art.

So, art is not only physical work, but art has many values. Values are related to the phenomena of social, economic, cultural, religious, and political life.

Every community has an integrative need to create a symbiosis of mutualism between the community and all its members. So, the community provides a place to express feelings aesthetically, transfer knowledge and artistic values, and increase self-existence through art. With artistic values, the community can provide education to all its members so they can make the best works of art that are beneficial for the existence of a community and culture.

Art, community, and culture are related to one another. It is an explanation that also answers how art activities connect kids to their communities and cultures. With art activities, children can have a closer relationship with the community and get knowledge about the culture.

What are Art Activities for Children?

Actually, we can easily find art around us. Examples are murals on roadside walls or music playing in cafes. Art provides important insights from ancient times.

Art is the best way to promote culture, people, and many other things. Art that is displayed in public can be a place for the community to gather. So, art provides an opportunity for everyone to interact.

For children, this is an important thing to do. Because of that, you can create several art activities that can bring children closer to the culture and community around them. Here are some ideas for these artistic activities.

  1. Making Murals

    Murals are roadside pictures that always attract the attention of many people. There are many rural communities.

    You can ask the children to draw murals in several alleys near your house together. Ask the children to exchange ideas on making a good mural image. Drawing some famous symbols in your area or country is also a great way.

  2. Photo Stop

    Most people like to take pictures. Everyone wants to appear in public with their own uniqueness. So, choose a crowded area in your city to make a photo stop.

    So, you can ask the children to find creative ideas so residents and tourists want to take pictures at that spot. You can make posters or murals in that area with the name of your city written on them. However, make sure you get permission from the area administrator.

  3. Create Postcards

    Tourists like to collect souvenirs in the areas they visit. One of them is a postcard. Well, you and your children can make a postcard that describes your city, culture, and community.

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What are The Benefits of Art?

Art is related to the human right brain. Not only can increase children's creativity, but art also gives many benefits to the brain. What are those benefits?

  1. Reducing Stress

    If children focus on fun activities, their brains will produce lots of endorphins that can reduce stress. In fact, many studies have proven this. By making art, children can reduce their anxiety. In addition, blood pressure can also be normal.

  2. Forming Imagination

    If your children have greater left-brain abilities, you need to balance their brain abilities through art. By making art, your child's right brain can become active. It can shape the creativity and imagination of children. Finally, it will enable children to interpret life and the world more deeply.

  3. Improve Problem-Solving Ability

    In making works of art, children have to do various creative ways so their works of art look good. Therefore, children will think creatively when solving various problems.

  4. Have Good Memory and Cognitive

    Several studies have shown that as many as 70% of Alzheimer's and dementia patients have experienced increased memory and cognitive abilities after participating in art training. So, your children can have good cognitive abilities and memory if they do art activities regularly.
  5. Improving Eye Ability

    Leonardo da Vinci said that the human eye can distinguish 10 things. The 10 things are dark, light, body, color, location, shape, near, far, stationary objects, and moving objects. You can get that eye ability if you do painting activities. So, art can make you see everything in more detail.

  6. Increase Confidence

    Children will be happy and proud to see their works of art. So, art can help children to increase their self-confidence. The reason is, art is a way that can show the achievements of children. It makes children get praise which can increase their self-confidence.

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