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Printable Fruits and Vegetables

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Why do we crave different foods each season?

It is found that the reason why people crave for different foods each season is because human beings at its basic level can adapt to almost any environment they live in. People tend to eat food that comes from its own region long gone before there is transportation to deliver other kinds of food from other areas. Other than that, climate plays a role in food supplies.  As we all have experienced, during fall we prefer to have pumpkin soup rather than a bowl of banana split ice cream. People usually make warm foods with vegetables and fruits grow during the season. When making decisions of what to eat, it refers to variations. People like to have options then enjoy the moment. Our palate happens to take us to do a crossover of new types of vegetables, fruits, meats, everything you named it for the tummy. Then there goes what has been eaten become a tasty storytelling to other people so they will be intrigued for new variations.

What are the best fruits and vegetables to grow in fall?

First thing first you need to know whether you want to grow it indoor or outdoor. Make sure you don’t try to grow pumpkin in your house. However, it is known to be the seasons for greens like kale, spinach and lettuce. You can make a healthy bowl of smoothies with greens if you wonder. Beets are also a star of fall vegetables. Experimenting to make fried beets sticks can give a bomb to your mouth. It’s earthy taste can be lessened by adding some sugar or honey if you prefer to have less sugar snacks in the afternoon. During fall season, from the fruit category these three are the best fruits to grow; apple, pears and grapes. However, it should be noted that an apple tree needs to be planted and grow in the warmer area.

Printable Fruits and Vegetables

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Cornucopia Fruits and Vegetables

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Fruit Coloring Pages for Kids

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Fruit and Vegetable Worksheets

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Healthy Eating Coloring Pages Printables

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Fall Fruits and Vegetables Coloring

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What is the easiest plant to grow during fall season?

The easiest plant to grow during fall, one of them out of many names, is kale. This superfood can be planted at home. Buy the seeds and this plant takes around 60 days to mature. Kale can tolerate cold temperatures. It is usually planted during September/October/November or depending on when you start growing them in your garden. If you happen to live in a warm area, you need patience to grow them. Kale does not tolerate heat. By using direct seed or transplant kale it is possible for you to get it harvested sooner.

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