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May 06, 2013
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Do a Dot Printables Preschool
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What are dot markers?

Dot markers have the other term, which are the daubers, refer to thick markers. When we use that like jotting on a piece of paper, the dot markers can create a big dot. Even though the main purpose of the dot markers are to create a solid circle or big dot, we can also usually use this for other purposes, including drawing lines or coloring on a coloring worksheet. Daubers or dot markers are commonly used to give the colors on a do a dot worksheet. One of do a dot worksheet that is used for learning with kids is do a dot art numbers. In the do a dot art numbers, we can see some circles inside the drawings that have number shapes. The circles inside require us to fill it using daubers.

Is do a dot art washable?

If we buy the original daubers of Do-A-Dot Art! brand, the ink inside is washable. So, when we learn with kids, it's pretty common to find mistakes. For instance, they accidentally stroke the tip of the daubers onto the clothes. We don't need to worry. Since the ink of the dauber is washable, we can remove the stain by rinsing it using detergent and water. Plus, when kids mess with the daubers on their hands, we can also remove the excess of the ink left with water and soap. The washable ink will be useful for kids since their fine motor skills are still developing, so they need to adapt to handling the dot markers. So, it’s common to see them mess up with the daubers.

What is Dot Art?

Just like the name, when we are doing a do a dot art numbers, we can find dots that need to be filled with daubers. The do a dot art numbers worksheet itself is a form of art that involves the shape of dots to define a specific shape or simply color the worksheet. When the art involves dots as the main shape, we can call it pointillism. Pointillism can be defined as a painting technique that uses dots to form a certain image. The pointillism technique is also used to color drawing. We don't need to fill the rest white space on paper. It's because the art of pointillism is in the dots themselves. Our eyes can identify the dots if there is a blank space surrounding the dots.

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Are dot arts non toxic?

No, dot arts are non non-toxic. It's usual to see kids accidentally direct the tip of the dauber to their mouth or eyes when they are doing do a dot art numbers. Of course, we never let them to intendedly lick or suck the tip of the dot art marker. However, if they accidentally stroke their mouth, they will be fine. They only need to wash the excess of the ink on their mouth.

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