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Apr 14, 2010
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Santa Claus Christmas List Template
Santa Claus Christmas List Templatedownload

How Santa Claus Related to Christmas?

There are a lot of theories about the origin of Santa Claus. One of them even involves a hallucination caused by a magic mushroom explaining why Santa is often described as riding a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. Even when the theory sounds so interesting, the origin of Santa Claus is actually far more humble than that. The character was associated with a 4th-century Christian Saint Nicholas. The Dutch bring out the story to New York City along with the tradition to give gifts and sweets to children on Saint Nicholas's feast day every December 6th. The imagery of Santa was first made by a cartoonist for Harper's Weekly Thomas Nast in 1863. Nast drew Santa Claus based on the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas". The character is defined even further by Haddon Sundblum for a Coca Cola advertisement. Sundblum drew Santa Claus as a bearded man with a red suit and that's become the basic imagery of Santa Clauss we can see up until now. 

Why is Santa called Father Christmas?

Some people call Santa Father Christmas even when they are actually two different characters. This is maybe because Santa Clause serves the role of a father for all kids in the world. He is described as humble, full of joy, giving gifts, but also won't give gifts to naughty children. Just like a father is supposed to be. Santa also spreads joy and warmth. Many children will fall for him and love him like their own father. 

How Many Presents Does Santa Deliver?

Statistically, there are over half-billion of kids aged under 14 in the world that Santa has to deliver gifts to. It means he has to deliver presents to around 22 million kids per hour, around 365 thousand presents per minute, and around six thousand presents per second. Thank god! He's magical and has a magic sleigh that can move very fast so all kids in the world get their Christmas gifts on Christmas. 

Printable Christmas Stencil Templates
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How Do You Use the Christmas of Santa Claus Template?

You can use a Christmas of Santa Claus template to create almost anything related to Christmas such as Christmas of Santa Claus coloring pages, Christmas of Santa Claus ornaments, Christmas of Santa Claus letters, Christmas of Santa Claus cards, and many more. You can find a Christmas of Santa Claus online and you can use it for free. The templates usually already come in a PNG file ready to download. You can print them right away or use them as decorations for your cards and letters.  

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