Christian Halloween Printables

Updated on Sep 27, 2023
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Christian Halloween Printables
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Christian Pumpkin Poem Coloring Page
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Why can’t Christians celebrate some secular Halloween celebrations?

In fact, Christians can still celebrate Halloween. But, there are things that are better to be left off, as it is far from Christ’s teaching. As you can see, there are many devilish figures and most of them show bad attitudes, like violence, chaos, and vandalism. As humans, we must avoid those things. Instead, see those examples to realize to not do it in daily life.  You must be thankful for the substitution you can still attend on Halloween, plus it gives contribution for others too. 

How to throw a Christian Halloween?

If you are still students, you can throw a Halloween party with the local youth of the church. There are activities related to Halloween you can join, such as exchange candies, making Halloween-theme crafts, and playing games both about the Bible and Halloween. A potluck is also allowed, especially if you hold it at an orphanage. 

An invitation card is still important to invite the people of the community, so they know what to prepare for the celebration. Remember to always check out the details on the invitation card, which include the time, date, dress code, and place. The place can be in a family house or a local churchyard.

Christian Halloween Coloring Pages Printable
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With His Light Shine Coloring Page
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Halloween Coloring Pages Jesus
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Christian Halloween Coloring Pages Printable
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Christian Pumpkin Poem Printable
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Halloween Fear Not Coloring Page
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Christian Pumpkin Printables
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Christian Halloween Candy Labels
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Halloween & Harvest Bible Printable
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Halloween Blessing Printable
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Printable Trick-or-Treat Tracts
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Printable Candy Corn Gospel Bookmarks
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Christian Pumpkin Prayer Coloring Page Halloween Printables
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What are Halloween activities for Christian families?

See, Halloween can also be celebrated with families. Among Christians, the day is celebrated within the family or church community. For parents who want to teach Christian values, here are the substitutions to regular Halloween celebration:

Pumpkin Carving

Carving the pumpkin together can raise bonding. Both parents and children can know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as the activity evokes patience. For the kids, it is probably their first time holding the knife. Therefore, the parents teach them how to make a face on the pumpkin. 

Fall Festival

Here, you are free to wear costumes based on the Bible. The games are also around the teachings of Christianity but are held on Halloween. Most importantly, delivering the candy can be missed. 

Pumpkin Fund-Raising

People are looking for pumpkins for Halloween. Here is the chance for the community, like church youth groups and family to do charity, whilst they can’t attend the trick-or-treat.

Fall Crafting

Let's welcome the fall season by making its unique craft. Scarecrow is helpful when you have an open field because birds are afraid of them. There is no restriction on how to decorate a scarecrow, as long as it is scary enough. 

How do you make a Christian door wreath to welcome Halloween?

Besides the room decoration, you might also think about making door decorations to welcome Halloween. Then, the door wreath would be suitable for it. If you want to have a Halloween wreath with a Christian symbol, follow this tutorial.

Use the orange theme to represent Halloween along with the cross sign as a Christian Holy symbol. Serve the material first such as orange ribbons, blank wreath along with the hanger, the cross sign preferred wooden material, and the wooden small pumpkins items to hang.

Gather the ribbons to cover up the blank wreath. Continue to add the decoration by placing the cross sign in the center and spreading the small pumpkins around the wreath. Lastly, hang it to beautify your door.    

How can I carve a pumpkin in the cross shape?

To commemorate Halloween but still add the religious vibes to it, carving the pumpkins in the cross shape can be one of your options. Carving the cross sign is not difficult to do.

However, if you want to create a perfect sign of it, using the stencil would be preferred. Make the stencils from the hard thick paper by printing the design first, then continue to cut the cross sign inside.

If you’re not having so much time in preparing the stencils, just searching it on your lovely marketplace. To start carving, place the stencil on the pumpkin first. Make sure it’s in the right position as you wish.

Then you can start to carve it by following the stencil. Besides the cross sign, to have the religious theme on your carving, using He is Risen tags can be the alternative.

How do you make a pumpkin prayer?

If you have an idea to combine Halloween with a religious theme, creating a pumpkin prayer project for your kids is a great idea. This will help them to celebrate the festivity without forgetting the way how they need to be grateful during this holiday.

Using pumpkin coloring pages will make the kids read and memorize the prayer while also having fun coloring the template. To see their writing, drawing, and coloring skill, you can provide a pumpkin theme picture with the prayer for them to copy.

Prepare a blank paper to write, draw, and color the example you give to them. It is still possible to make your kids have knowledge on Halloween and learn to be religious at the same time.

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