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Feb 20, 2023
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What are Repeated Designs?

Repeated designs are designs or figures that have repeated shapes and colors. This can also be seen in several decorations and architecture.

In repeated designs there are three repetition methods. By understanding these three things, then you can make a more interesting repeated design.

  1. Repetition

    Repetition is a repetition of one element many times. An example is the repetition of the logo. This method is suitable for use in application and web design.

    If applied to the web or application, the business will get a better user experience. With the repetition of elements, users can also feel more comfortable. Designers can use colors, shapes, textures, and fonts.

  2. Rhythm

    Rhythm is related to music, but there is also a rhythm in the design. The designer makes the rhythm by providing the same distance between elements. The rhythm in the design is visual rhythm. In general, there are five types of visual rhythm.

    Regular rhythm is a rhythm with the same interval. So, the interval is organized. Users will easily recognize this rhythm and know their irregularities.

    Random rhythm is a recurring element that does not use regular intervals. So, the distance between elements can be different. Progressive rhythm is also a type of visual rhythm that is created by changing a motif.Actually, there are other types of rhythm, but you only need to understand the 3 most important types of rhythm above. Another rhythm is alternating rhythm and the rhythm flows.
  3. Pattern

    The pattern is a repetition of more than one design element. So, each element in the design is combined to form a single unit. Usually, this method is used to create wallpaper or carpet designs.

    The most important thing that must be present in the pattern is fineness and simplicity. So, both must be the main consideration if they want to maintain user experience and make them stay on web pages or applications.

How Repeated Design Affects Mood?

You already know the three types of repeated design methods. Well, some say that repeated design can have a good influence on mood. That is true.

Because, through repeated design, designers can make the user experience better. Three types of repeated design are what makes the users’ have a good mood. That's because when using these 3 methods, the interface will make users feel comfortable.

Well, the repetition of elements can also strengthen the message. So, repetition is a simple factor that can provide long-term benefits.

Rhythm is the most important thing that must be applied in the design. Because the rhythm plays an important role to maximize the message to be conveyed by the designer or business. So, understand the kinds of rhythm and implement it in your design.

This explanation is enough to answer about how repeated designs affects our minds and moods. There are many designers and architects who also use the repeated design method to make their work more accepted by people. An example is Christopher Alexander, a famous architect who uses the concept of repeated patterns in his work.

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These are The World's Famous Repeated Design Artist

Many world designers apply the concept of repetition. Here are some famous designers for their repeated design work.

  1. Damien Hirst

    Damien Hirst is a lover of repeated patterns. He is a famous Young British Artist. His most famous works are formaldehyde and diamond skull.

    In addition, Kaleidoscope paintings from Hirst also became popular among artists and became worldwide works. There are thousands of butterfly wings that are depicted with complicated and recurrent patterns.

  2. Ann Albers

    This woman first made a work when she lived in the United States. She applied the work to design a cloth that must be produced on a large scale. The unique characteristic that is seen in her work is the geometric pattern with a striking color. That is a new thing that makes the emergence of modernist art.

  3. Bridget Riley

    She is an artist and designer from England. Riley is one of the most famous OP artists in the world. She always uses repetition of shapes, patterns, and colors to create optical illusions in her art. The distinctive feature of Riley's art is a combination of lines, precision geometry, color settings, and recurring patterns that can produce unique visual effects. 

  4. Keith Haring

    The art of graffiti or street art has become famous since 1980. Keith Haring is a designer that triggers the idea of street art. The first graphical work he made was the body that was interrelated to one another. He made it in the subway in New York.

    Then, he made a series of images and symbols with recurring patterns throughout New York. The art is full of color and puzzle. One of his most famous works is Barking Dogs, Line-Drawn Radiant Babies, and humans.

  5. Takashi Murakami

    Takashi Murakami combines contemporary pop culture with classical Japanese culture. He uses recurring patterns and symbols. All of the artwork was made to explain the relations between anime or manga with traditional Japanese graphic art techniques.

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