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Jul 11, 2022
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What are camping party decoration items you can place at the birthday party?

Party cannot be held without decorations. The party decorations also need to customize with their theme. Choose the theme before you decide what kind of decoration you want to use.

If you are interested to use a camping theme as your kid’s birthday decoration, it needs to be customized also with the place you’ll hold the party. There are many kinds of decorations you can place at the camping party. You can DIY it using the materials around you.

The first one is the party banner. Cut the colored paper into triangles then place the tags you want to place. It can be “Happy Birthday” tags and also the name tags. Connect all of the tags using string and place them on the birthday venue.

Camping is related to nature which allows you to make some creations using wooden materials. Make the party tags using wood. You can just paint and write the wooden tags and make them look like party arrow tags.

Placing the decorations at the dinner table would be great too. Place some decoration for the cutleries that you can make from kraft paper. In addition, put some pine as a table decoration to make it more festive.      

Place the garland in green and brown color would be interesting. Use the papercraft then hang it on the string. Place it around your party venue to add the nature vibes.

If you want to make it more natural vibes, put the pine trees. You can choose the fake one such as a Christmas tree and decorate it with camping ornaments. Choose the decoration element as you wish and DIY it to save more money. 

Can you rent camping equipment?

When you are planning camping, of course, you need a lot of preparation. It can consist of emergency items, your personal items, meals and drinks, surviving equipment, and many more.

However, the price of the camping needs is not affordable because most of it is made of high-quality materials that can keep you survive outdoor. You don’t have to worry about it. Some of them can be rented at the adventurer store. By renting the camping equipment, you can save more money. These are the camping items you can rent.

The tent is an important item you need to bring while camping.  In the rent store, you can choose the style and size as you wish. When going camping, you need to bring a lot of things as survival tools. However, you have to have a large space to place all of them.

Rent the custom camping backpack and choose the size you wish. The sleeping equipment is also needed. You can rent a sleeping bag and sleeping pads to make you stay comfortable.

GPS is an essential item to make you keep on the right track. Rent the GPS as a backup in case you are afraid your smartphone running out of battery.

Enjoying nature while sitting on the camp chairs in the front of the tent is such a nice combo of traveling. Rent the camp chairs and make sure the amount is in line with the camping members.

Trekking poles will help you to stay balanced on the terrible track. You can also rent this in the adventure store. Stoves use to cook your meals which are also expensive to buy. Make sure you rent this item.

If you want to go camping but need one for a friendly budget to-go, go choose to rent some equipment you need to bring rather than buying the items. Who knows that the other days that you might change into another hobby, right?

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How do you make a camping birthday cake?

Using camping as a birthday theme can be awesome. You can choose any elements on it that represent more camping vibes. It can be the decorations and also the cake. Let’s talk about the camping birthday cake theme.

You can choose the cake with green or brown color to make it more natural vibes. Here’s how you can create the design.

Use chocolate cake to make it more earthy. Place some pines tree decorations and the campfires made from the breadstick. Add also tent elements using brown crackers.

If you want to make it more natural, you can also choose an all-green theme for the cake. Using the birthday candle as the campfire would be great too. Design your cake as you are camping on the seashore would be awesome.

You need to place a blue element that represents the water. Don’t forget to place the boat made from chocolate. It would add a sophisticated touch to the cakes.

Making a cake with a tent shape could be unique. Use a green base to make it looks like the grass. Add some decoration with the camping equipment miniature on the front, chairs and camp table, and the campfire.

Aside from birthday cake, making cupcakes would be great for camping treats. Creating the design of a camping ground on the top of the cake would seek kids’ attention.

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