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Updated on Jun 29, 2022
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Printable Sugar Blood Glucose Log Sheets
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How to monitor your blood sugar level?

People with diabetes must be really concerned about their blood sugar. They must maintain it well because once their blood sugar is at a higher level, it must be causing a big problem for them.

Even if you are not diagnosed with diabetes, monitoring the sugar level in your blood is quite important to prevent your risk of this disease. Monitoring your sugar level can be done after you consume food, take medication, and after exercising.

By knowing whether your blood pressure is getting higher or lower after these activities, you can create the best diabetic plan for yourself. Here are several steps how you can monitor your blood sugar levels.

Use a blood sugar meter to measure it. In this modern era, people getting easier to monitor their health conditions, including blood sugar levels. You can use a blood sugar meter which you can test by yourself anytime.

Consult with your medical provider about the type of this tool and ask about each benefit. Choose the type that is in line with your needs. Create your goals table.

Maintaining blood sugar levels cannot be done by measuring it only, but you have to set your goals too. You can use a blood sugar log to record the result. Provide also the goals of blood sugar contained on the log that you want to achieve.

The last one is getting an A1C test which requires for those who have a problem with hemoglobin. If you think you have this kind of problem, make sure you take the test at least twice a year. Don’t forget to record your A1C test too.

However, you can also ask your doctor about the blood sugar levels which are proper for you. If you are a newbie to this, ask the following questions. Ask about your target blood sugar range, how often you should check it, what the result means, what indicates you should change the treatment, and how you should change the diabetes plan.

You might not be aware of your blood sugar levels, but this is important. High blood sugar levels trigger diabetes which can cause a great issue for your health condition.

When is the best time to check your blood sugar level?

If you’ve been diagnosed as a diabetic patient, the doctor must be recommended you do the blood sugar test often. Testing blood sugar levels has many benefits such as monitoring the effect of diabetic medications, knowing the blood sugar level whether it’s high or low, tracking your blood sugar level goals, and understanding the factors that affect blood sugar level.

However, you also should know the great time to check your blood sugar levels. Here are the best times to do it which categorize into the diabetes type.

Diabetes type 1 requires you to take test 4 until 10 a day. Take the test before you consume your food and snacks. You also require taking the test before and after exercising.

Diabetic type 1 also needs to take the test before going to bed. For the optional, you can take the test during the night. Therefore, diabetic type 1 must take the diabetic test more often in certain conditions such as when you are sick, change your daily routine, and start new medications.

If you have diabetes type 2, the physician will recommend you take the test according to the amount and type of insulin that you use. The best time to take the blood sugar level test is before eating and at bedtime after you take several daily injections.

For those who have intermediate insulin, you just need to take the test before breakfast, before dinner, and at bedtime. Keep monitoring your blood sugar levels by testing them at the right time. You can consult with your doctor if you need more information in detail.      

Printable Blood Sugar Log
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Diabetes Blood Sugar Log
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Printable Sugar Blood Glucose Log
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Monthly Blood Glucose Log Sheet
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What food you should and shouldn’t eat when you have diabetes?

As a person with diabetes, you must maintain what to consume considering the contents of sugar in each meal you take. Therefore, you might need a diabetic meal plan to schedule what you should eat on daily basis.

Before moving to a meal planner, you have to know the type of food you requires for you and the ones which you cannot consume. These are food classifications you should and shouldn’t eat as a diabetic patient.

The nutrition that should include in your diet are fruits that consist of apples, berries, peach, melons, and oranges. The veggies you should eat are spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, and zucchini.

You also should consume whole grains such as oats, nuts, seeds, healthy fat, beverages, and legumes. However, you require to avoid some food to maintain your blood sugar levels.

The foods that you should consume in a limited amount are sweets such as candies, ice cream, and dessert. High-fat meat such as pork, beef, chicken, and lamb. Processed food such as sausage, chips, instant meals, and many more.

Diabetic patients should be aware of what they are consuming. Choose the food with less content of sugar to keep your blood sugar at stable levels.

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