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Updated on Jan 07, 2022
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What is the history behind Bruce Wayne and bats?

Calling out all the superhero movie enjoyers, especially the Batman series, to deep dive into why the character uses the bat as the alter to fight over evil people, not other flying mammals. Apparently, it all happened because of his past trauma with bats. It started when young Bruce Wayne fell into a cave full of bats.

It caused a terrific experience that lead to trauma if related to bat and darkness. As time goes on, as a person who has a fear of bats, he uses them as a symbol to scare his enemies because he knows how scary and dangerous it was.

Actually, Wayne had closely related with bats since he was a kid. His father, Thomas Wayne, is a wealthy physician who made a Bat suit for him when he was young. His father said that he would save the Bat suit just for young Wayne. So it always been personal to him.

Can bats be a pet?

Bats are attractive animals and they can be beneficial things. The thing is bats are categorized as wild animals, so in some countries, they are under law protection. However, you still can keep them as a pet.

Keep in mind that bats really need special treatment including their food, house, and nourishment. For their housing, bats can’t live in a cage because they naturally live a free life. If you put them in a cage, it will make them weaker than one in nature.

The one that lives in the wild nature can live more than 30 years, most pet bats won’t live until a year. It is also a complicated animal. You need to take extra care of its nutrition. You can take some things below into your consideration if you want to keep bats as pets.

Bats like to eat fruits, nectar, insect, and even other bats. There are extreme species of bats that drink blood, animal blood. They called vampire blood. Fortunately, they only drink animal blood and do not like human blood.

The difference in food is based on their species. Please have concerned about the diseases that the bats might bring if you want to keep them. Bats can carry a rabies virus, just like the other wild animals.

Even if it is small shaped, a bite from bats can transmit a virus. You can immunize the bats first before you take them home. Not only transmit a virus to humans, but bats also affected other mammals too. So, if you have a dog or cat as your pet, you have to think twice to keep a bat.

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Why do bats sleep upside down?

Bats are a type of nocturnal animal. When people are going to sleep, bats just wake up and start a life. Bats like to sleep upside down in any place.

Mostly, they sleep in the cave, in trees, or under bridges. Bats do sleep upside-down so that they can fly away.

Unlike birds, bats are difficult to take off from the ground or where they perch, because of the weight ratio of their wings which make them not as strong as birds’ wings.

So, the upside-down sleep position will ease them to fly. They sleep upside-down to hide from predators. Since they are sleeping when the predators are awake, they need a safe place to sleep. For bats, hanging upside-down is an excellent method to rest and avoid danger.

To sleep, bats perch their paws on trees hollows or caves with their wings covering its body like a robe. Bats have evolved a unique adaptation that makes lying on their backs as simple as it is for us to sleep in a bad.

How many bat species are classified?

After talking about the upside-down bats, here are the side notes: Not all bats species do the upside-down position. The one which cannot hang up is in South America (Thyropteridae) and another one is in Madagascar (Myzopodidae) which is categorized as a rare animal.

There are 1,200 species of bats are recognized. Bats can easily be found in the tropics area. Read this part carefully because you will meet some words for the first time in your life. Let’s deep dive!

Bats, known as Chiroptera are divided into two main groups. They are Megachiroptera and Microchiroptera. The Megachiroptera, sometimes called flying foxes, is a species that eats fruit. Contains 164 species that are grouped into 41 genera and classified into a single family, the Pteropodidae.

The Microchiroptera one contains bats that do not eat fruit. Consists of 743 species, 133 genera, and 17 families classified into Phyllostomidae family. The largest one is Vespertilionidae family also known as evening bats, which consists of 308 species and is divided into 34 genera.

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