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Halloween Bat Cut Out Templates
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What are The Types of Halloween Symbols?

Halloween moments should be celebrated with various Halloween symbols. Some of them are as follows.

  • Jack O'Lantern: The famous Halloween symbol is the Jack O'Lantern. In the past, the symbol used a carved radish. The radish is carved with scary faces. Then, people put burning coal inside the radish as a lantern. After that, Stingy Jack became a famous Halloween character. Finally, Halloween lanterns are called Jack O' Lanterns. People started using pumpkins because radishes were hard to get.

  • Witch: Another symbol is the witch. That's because Halloween is closely related to evil and witches are symbols of evil. On Halloween, you'll see many witch costumes, wands, and broomsticks.

  • Skeletons and Skulls: Skulls and skeletons are symbols of death. Therefore, both are used as symbols of Halloween. People also combine skulls and skeletons with graves. It relates to the tradition of Samhain which has the theme of "festival of the dead."

  • Ghost: Ghosts are also a symbol of Halloween. The ghost symbol was used by the Samhain who believed that ghosts were evil spirits that come to the human world. For this reason, the ghost symbol is used in Halloween decorations. Many Halloween TV shows and movies have ghosts as the main characters.

  • Full Moon: On Halloween, you will see an image of a witch on a broomstick with a full moon background. So, the full moon is also a popular Halloween symbol. This is because the full moon is associated with the supernatural.


What are Halloween Animals?

Halloween is also symbolized by several types of animals. Here are the animals associated with Halloween.

  • Owl: The owl is the popular Halloween icon. The Greeks believed that owls were a special gift from the gods. Meanwhile, the Romans made the owl as a sign of death. They hang dead owls on doorsteps to ward off evil spirits. Other cultures also associated owls with magical powers.
  • Crows: Crows are also considered mystical birds. That's because crows are scavengers so those birds look scary.
  • Spiders: Spiders are also Halloween animals because they are feared by many people. Spiders are animals that are often associated with witches.


Is Bat Associated with Halloween?

Not only the three types of animals above, bats are also a symbol of Halloween. Why? That's because bats are mammals that can fly at night. The spooky look makes bats suitable as a Halloween symbol.

In fact, bats began to be associated with Halloween in 1700-1800. At that time, immigrants from Scotland and Ireland came to the US. They celebrate Halloween by lighting a bonfire. The bonfire attracted many insects, including bats.

However, a researcher from Boston University explained that bats are animals that migrate in October-November. October is the time for Halloween celebrations. So, that's what makes bats related to Halloween.

Bats are associated with Halloween because they are nocturnal animals. So, they are identical to darkness. Not only that, bats also live in caves or underground.

Many beliefs say that the spirit will go to the ground. For this reason, the bat is used as a Halloween icon and can be seen as various templates being used.

Bat Pattern Cut Out
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Halloween Bat Template Printable
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Bat Pattern Cut Out
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Halloween Bat Patterns for Tracing
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Printable Bat Cut Out Template
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Printable Bat Wing Template
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Printable Small Bat Template
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Printable Bats Coloring Pages
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Printable Bat Plush Pattern
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What is The Spiritual Meaning of Bats?

Bats have a spiritual meaning in various cultures. An example is in China. There, the bat is associated with happiness and luck. Bats are also believed to be able to provide wealth and prosperity.

In America, the bat is a symbol of rebirth. Bats are creatures of the night which are the strongest symbols of the human mind.

Meanwhile, bats were used as a symbol of the Hathor by the Ancient Egyptians. Goddess Hathor is the goddess of love and fertility. For this reason, the ancient Egyptians believed that bats could provide protection for them.

Bats are used as gods in Mayan mythology. The Bat God is known as Camazotz or Death Bat. The god is a symbol of sacrifice and the night. There are also stories that describe the god as a demon with bat wings. It is a symbol of destruction.

In Celtic mythology, bats are often associated with Dracula. Bats are a symbol of death and ghosts. The belief also assumes that bats are a witch's tool to give eternal curses to humans. They celebrated the tradition of Samhain or we know it as Halloween.

In 1987, the bat was adopted as the symbol of Dracula by Irish writer, Bram Stoker. It also comes from the belief of the Celtic people who think that bats are demonic animals.

In various cultures, bats are also associated with the following things.

  • Fear: The bat is a symbol of fear and anxiety. People who often use the bat symbol are feeling unstable emotions.

  • New Things: Many cultures believe that bats are symbols of mystery, transformation, and birth. Bats are nocturnal animals who like the dark. They use their hearing abilities as a navigation tool. This unique ability is a symbol of a new journey.

  • Transformation: Bats are also often associated with change or transformation.

  • Intuition: In many cultures, bats are associated with evil and darkness. However, bats have good intuition to see their enemies or prey. This makes bats associated with intuition and perception.

  • Death: One of the meanings of the bat is death and the afterlife. Many people believe that bats are mystical animals. Meanwhile, mysticism is associated with death and the afterlife. Bats always fly at night, so those animals are mysterious.

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