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Updated on Oct 10, 2020
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Printable Blank Sudoku Grid 2 per Page
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What are math games suits for kids?

Learning math is not always have to be serious. Just let the kids have fun learning math through the games. If you seek the ideas in the math game choices to apply in the classroom, just check this out and get inspired!

Connecting the number will be great for the kids. In this worksheet, you can apply to make the kids do the addition through connection and coloring. Provide the worksheet with the scramble numbers with the circular theme.

Decide the amount that the kids should find on the worksheet. For example, you set 5 as the number to search. Then, the kids need to do the addition that the result is 5 and connect them. After finding it, they can continue to color it.

The dice can be the tools to do the math games. In this game, you can make the kids throw two dice and then do its addition.

Apple bowling math is kinda fun too. Prepare the plastic bottle which already has the apple shape label along with the numbers. use the apple as the ball. Instruct the kids to throw the apple and the fallen pin will be the numbers for them to do the addition.

Uno card is quite versatile for math games. You can make the kids flip the card that already defines by the dice and make them do the addition out of it. Another style is categorizing the cards.

In this game, the kids need to flip the two stacks of Uno cards and categorize which one is the less and the greater. Sudoku is also a great game to train kids in logical thinking while also applying math skills. Choose the simplest sudoku grid if they are newbies.

Those are the math games that suit kids to hold in the classroom. Select one of those and make them enjoy math learning!

Why should kids learn sudoku?

As you know, sudoku is a game that involves logical thinking. It is such a good game you can apply for kids to boost it. Besides logical thinking, there are various reasons the kids need to study and play sudoku. Just check this out to know!

By playing sudoku, kids can improve their sense of memorization. The sudoku has a role in improving memory capacity and also developing brain function. Based on the study, this phenomenon will see in the ages of 7-11. Sudoku improves kids’ sense of abstraction and reasoning. The skill of knowing the numbers or things to place on the grid will improve their sense of abstract reasoning.

Through stick with the clues and finding the numbers to fill on the grid, this game definitely has the role in make the kids be patient and also focus on what they do. If you set the time for them to solve the sudoku, it means you also train them to be fast thinkers and also decision-makers.

If you provide them with the sudoku sheet, it can be an opportunity for you to reduce the kids' screen time. This game also makes them highly pay attention to the details. With playing sudoku, kids need to define the numbers with the clue’s guidance. It makes them do logical thinking while also paying attention to details.

Those are the reason why you should teach the kids in playing sudoku. Select the basic style with less grid for the kids to do. You can also incorporate the things that they are familiar with to place on the sudoku worksheet.

Printable Kids Sudoku Puzzles 6 X 6
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Printable Sudoku for Kids 6
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Printable Sudoku Puzzles 6X6
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Printable Sudoku Puzzles
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Easy 6X6 Sudoku Printable Puzzles for Kids
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Printable Sudoku Puzzles
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How can you combine the sudoku with coloring?

Having sudoku as the kids learning tool is such a great idea. Instead, provide them with all numbers, you can go with a fun alternative. If you seek the ideas of creating a fun sudoku worksheet, just check this out to get inspired!

First of all, you need to decide on the theme first. It can be the theme that kids familiar with the fruit types sound great for the sudoku grid. For beginners, choose the design with 4x4 as the grid. Place the kinds of fruit and print them blank. The sudoku grid template that you have needs to have the picture clues on the grid, so they can easily define it.

In this worksheet, all kids need to do is solve the sudoku based on the clues. They not only have to write the number as the ordinary sudoku but draw and color the kind of fruits to place in each blank grid. Besides the fruit, you can also adopt the theme from the upcoming season or occasion such as winter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, summer, and many more.

Those are how you can incorporate sudoku with the coloring and drawing. Let the kids have fun playing sudoku by trying this in your class.

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