3D Printable Illusions

Oct 17, 2012
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3D Printable Illusions

3D Printable Illusions

Anamorphic Optical Illusion Print Outs
Anamorphic Optical Illusion Print Outsdownload

What is the meaning of 3D illusions?

The meaning of 3D illusions is the process of making an image look lifelike, real and some of them create the illusion of movement. This is called an illusion because the platform used is 2D. Making 2D images look 3D requires good and smart drawing techniques so that people ask questions that seem to have tricks behind them. There are many supporting factors for creating 3D illusions, you need to learn the most important points and elements first.

What is the trick to make 3D illusions?

Because they succeeded in tricking the eye with a 3D impression, knowledge of the tricks used in the process of making it into a 3D illusion is needed. One of the important tricks is an angle. If you use your camera as an eye to see, then it's quite easy to trick your eyes by using the camera angle. Besides that, you can find other tricks like learning by doing. How? Do you understand enough? You can practice slowly and gradually to achieve above-average 3D illusions. It is not uncommon for several 3d illusions to fail to create them.

What materials needed to make 3D illusions?

There are not many materials needed to make 3d illusions. Like many others, drawing certainly has tools that are not much different. But it is the process and the results of the images that set it apart. For example, if the image is ordinary 2d or regular 3d, it will require a paper, pencil, and also dye. Whereas at the 3D Illusions level, you still need the same materials as mentioned, but the process is different. For example in drawing techniques. To achieve the illusion, it is not only the materials but also the detailed skills to achieve it.

Cube Print Out Anamorphic Illusions
Cube Print Out Anamorphic Illusionsdownload
3D Dragon Illusion Print Out
3D Dragon Illusion Print Outdownload
Anamorphic Optical Illusion Print Outs
Anamorphic Optical Illusion Print Outsdownload
3D Paper Dragon Illusion Print Out
3D Paper Dragon Illusion Print Outdownload
Illusion Optical 3D Printing
Illusion Optical 3D Printingdownload
Optical Illusion T-Rex Template
Optical Illusion T-Rex Templatedownload
3D Optical Illusions Coloring Page
3D Optical Illusions Coloring Pagedownload

How to print a 3D illusions drawing?

To be able to do printing on 3D illusions drawing, you need criteria on the printer. It is possible if you choose to use a standard printer, but make sure the ink is clear enough so that the factors or elements in the 3d illusions drawing can be conveyed. As a suggestion, it would be better if you go to a special place for printing and print your drawing there. This is to prevent wasted ink or paper using standard printers when the printer’s shop has far better criteria. besides printing, make sure your drawing has been done before deciding to print.

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