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Oct 07, 2022
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Printable Car Cut Out Coloring Pages
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What to bring on a road trip?

Planning for a road trip make you have to prepare everything well. It’s kind of tricky if you also involve the kids in your trips. This explanation below will include the things you need to bring on a road trip with kids.

Pack your snacks in a cooler bag. Bring the snacks your kids love the most might make them happier on the trip. However, you also need to consider bringing healthy snacks.

The food you can bring along while road trip is string cheese, granola bars, boiled eggs, slices of fruit, sliced veggies, crackers, and some sweets.

First Aid becomes the most important thing that should carry with you. Include basic first aid such as band-aids, antibiotics, burn treatment, and so on. include also the basic prescription such as paracetamol, cough medicine, supplement, vitamin, and the prescription from the doctor if any family member is on the medication treatment.

Bring some things that will keep you and your kids entertained. Instead of letting them boring, better come up with the thing that makes them more memorizing the trip. Bring their favorite toys to play with in the car. You can also arrange a good playlist for the trip.

Bringing food only is not appropriate. You gotta need the tray to carry all of your food. Brig the snack tray, so you can enjoy it properly. Bring a pillow for the kids. during the trip, kids will sleep any time.

Then, it’s your job to make them more comfortable with an extra pillow for sleeping. The plastic bag is also important to carry. It can be used to pack your dirty clothes and trash.

Those are the things you can pack for the road trip. Make sure you list everything before deciding to go. Have a nice trip!

How do you create a car ramp?

On holiday, you might think of a thing for your kids to play with. Creating a car ramp will make them more excited instead of only playing with it on the floor.

If you find this a nice idea, then just check this out to know the DIY steps!

Gather all the materials first. it can be cardboard, black marker, ruler, tape, road template, and bamboo stick.  If you want to make a large surface, then you will need larger cardboard too. Use the leftover shoe boxes and arrange them as the road. Make sure it’s long enough to make the playing to be more fun.

Let’s jump to the other items. Use the road template as guidance in making the road line. Because it’s a car ramp for racing, then you have to divide the cardboard into two parts.

To avoid great mistakes, you can just start to draw the line with the pencil first. Continue with layer them with the black marker. To make it looks like a real road, you can have the middle lines in white color.

After all the design is done, then it’s time to make it firm. Because it can be long enough, you need to use the material to make it steady. Stick the bamboo stick behind the ramp.

Sticking in the middle will make it better. Then it is ready to use as the car toys are accompanied. You can place it on the sofa, so the surface will be sloping.

That’s how you can DIY a car ramp for your kids to play with. Make sure you list all the materials first before jumping into the DIY.

Printable Cars Coloring Pages
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What transportation activities to hold in kindergarten class?

In order to make the learning to be more effective, you will need to involve it with the fun activity. If you are just teaching the kids about transportation, then you have to arrange the activity that involves this theme. Check this out to get inspired!

Sort the vehicle toys sounds interesting to hold. In this activity, kids will sort the scramble vehicles based on the categories. Therefore, you will need some types of transportation miniature as the main items for this project.

Three types of vehicle toys are more than enough. Create the tags with white paper and the marker then stick them into the jars.

Crafting the plane out of popsicle sticks will be awesome activity. Gather the materials such as the watercolor, brush, popsicle stick, wooden paper clip, and hot glue. The paper clip will be the body part while the popsicle stick will be the plane wings.

Let the kids paint the body part and the wings in different colors. You can guide them with the template that shows the design of the popsicle stick plane. Instruct them to stick the wings with the body and let them dry. Leave it dry and the plane craft is ready to display in the classroom.

Those are couples of activities you can hold in a kindergarten class with a vehicle theme. Make sure you are giving clear instructions and let them have fun crafting!

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