Vintage Printable Halloween Pumpkin Art

Jul 06, 2021
By Printablee
Printable Pumpkin Clip Art
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Where can we see vintage Halloween pumpkin arts?

In today’s digital era, you can see the vintage Halloween pumpkin arts easily from online sources. It is now quick to access online galleries, including the ones that collect antique Halloween-themed pumpkin art. You can also see it from online shops where the former owners sell it to the public. It is actually possible to find it in your grandparents’ house if they still keep it. Another media you can check is the old Halloween movie. The drawings are usually grimmer than what we have today. 

What will you see on vintage Halloween pumpkin arts?

The Halloween pumpkins are surprisingly not alone. They have accompanies, still with the gloom of its own. Namely witch, both in baby’s form and old lady one. The witch usually wears a robe, some are red and mostly black. There is also a black cat in the background, with a devilish smirk. You can’t miss out on the candle in the pumpkin because there lies the story behind its establishment. Depending on the date of the drawing, you can see a group of people moving to a new place as a sign of new life. For the setting of time, mostly it is at dusk.

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Clip Art
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Halloween Pumpkin Clip Art
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Vintage Halloween Clip Art Free
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Vintage Seed Packet Pumpkin
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Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Clip Art
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Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Clip Art
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Vintage Halloween Witch Clip Art
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Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Clip Art
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Vintage Jack O Lantern Faces
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Can we still make a vintage Halloween pumpkin art?

Sure thing, you can remake the vintage Halloween pumpkin art today. The technological medium helps us to sort of turn back time. Of course, it is prohibited to copy the whole art. Especially if your Halloween theme is back to the past, you can decorate the house and party with vintage pumpkin art. You might as well apply the art on the invitation card, gift tags, wrapper, and even costume ideas. If drawing by hand is one of your hobbies, you can get some inspiration from vintage Halloween arts. 

Who is Jack-o’-Lantern?

Jack-o’-Lantern is a fictional character taken from Irish folklore. The story said that Jack was a blacksmith, who tricked the devil. Until the day he died, he could enter neither heaven nor hell, so the devil gave him burning coal. Ultimately, he carved a turnip. When the Irish migrated to the U.S., they found that pumpkin was available in many places than a turnip or potato. To commemorate his wicked behavior, these people draw its face with scary features. You can also substitute a candle with LED light and such. 

Have you ever used pumpkin stress balls as decorations for pumpkins?

Three simple materials—rice, orange balloons, and a marker—can be used to create these charming stress balls (also known as cornhole bags). Just add rice to the balloons, then sketch a cute face. Your kids surely will love it.

Do you have any ideas for vintage Halloween decorations you might make for a party?

  • Pumpkin Banner. This mid-century-inspired pumpkin banner will add vintage Halloween elegance to your home.

  • Balls of crystal candlesticks. Make plain candlesticks appear to be magical crystal balls.

  • Art in silhouette. Change your normal wall decor for Victorian-inspired framed silhouettes.

  • Centerpiece made with pharmacy bottles. DIY blood-spattered apothecary bottles will give a bookcase or bar cart a big spook factor boost.

  • Printables for Halloween in black and white. It doesn't get any simpler than this; just print the eerie pictures and hang them.

  • Halloween Treat Bags. If you distribute candy in some adorable vintage trick-or-treat bags, everyone in the neighborhood will remember your house.

  • Burlap Symbols. This old ladder can become the ideal Halloween greeting with a little burlap and paint.

  • Eerie works of art. Change your lovely bouquets and coffee tables for all the curiosities you can collect that will be presented in a spooky Halloween arrangement.


How can you create a vintage Halloween skull display?

This easy-to-assemble DIY Halloween skull display is the ideal last-minute decoration idea because it only takes a few minutes!

Collect these materials:

  • A votive candle fits inside the removable-back skull apothecary jar
  • Decorative stone granules can be found in the floral section.
  • Pure Black FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint
  • 1/4-inch masking tape
  • Candle with an LED brush (for the inside of the skull)



  1. The skull should be painted black.

  2. The majority is then removed with paper towels before it dries. Of course, you are free to remove as much as you like to achieve the desired scary effect.

  3. The knob should be covered with 1/4′′ stencil tape.

  4. After that, apply your multi-surface paint. As soon as the stencil tape has dried, remove it.

  5. Fill the vase with the sparkling black stone granule mixture.

  6. The lid should be placed on top after the skull (which contains an LED votive) has been placed.


The illumination coming from the skull's interior is just right for the occasion. Perfectly eerie! This eerie ornament can be placed on the table, but make sure to keep it out of children's sight. Simply said, that is everything!

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