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Updated on Feb 19, 2022
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What are the elements of a John 3:16 Valentine's heart?

If you are interested in sending a message during Valentine's as a part of your religious activity, then choosing this design for this holiday can be the best option. This shape has several elements. They are the frame, the color, the words, and the attribute. The first one is the frame. It has a heart-shaped frame where you can put your writing on. The second one is the color. Most of the illustrations are in white, pink, red, and black. White is the most popular color. The third one is the word. It has one verse from the Gospel of John. It says ‘for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life.’ It is written inside the heart, cascading from top to bottom. The font is generally white or black. The last one is the attribute. This image is accompanied by smaller and darker heart shapes, a cross, a thorny crown, or drops of blood.

Why do we choose a scripture for the Valentine card?

Valentine mostly has a general meaning of love. It is any type of love for anyone. However, some of us might want to get closer to its saintly root. Believers can choose to use this drawing and letters for showing affection. There are several reasons why many people take this option. First, it reminds oneself and also others to be pious. Taking words from the scripture for Valentine means that one surrenders their love in the name of God only. Secondly, it transforms the meaning of their love into a more spiritual one. During Valentine's, some send religious messages to say that it is not the gifts or flowers or chocolate that matter but God’s love in the very first place that allows them to joyfully celebrate the holiday. Lastly, some may want to strengthen their relationship and intimacy among believers of the same religion. Whatever the reason, use this saying in a responsible and respectful manner.

How do we make a DIY Valentine message using Bible verse?

When making cards for your religious community, you might favor the hand-made ones because it gives the impression of intimacy and connectedness. There are several steps that need to be taken. First of all, prepare the materials important to make these things. You need lots of paperboards, markers, colorful pens, glitters, and color line art papers. Secondly, start to draw big hearts on the paperboard. Cut around the edges. Draw attributes such as small heart shapes, thorny crowns, or drawing a cross on the color line art papers. Cut around the edges also. Next, write the verse of John Gospel on the card with markers. Glue the attributes on the edge of the big heart. Lastly, put glitters around the corners to make it more beautiful. The greetings are ready to be delivered.

John 3 16 Valentine
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How to make a T-shirt with a John 3:16 heart for Valentine?

Some of you might want to proudly present the holy message wherever you go. If so then making a T-shirt is favored. There are a number of moves to be made. First of all, design your T-shirt. Using design applications on your computer, make a heart picture with words on it. Pick a suitable color scheme. Decide the placement of the drawing on the T-shirt. After that, hire a printing company to make a competent prototype. Secondly, if the result is good enough, then you are ready to go to the production. With the bulk of T-shirt products, you are ready to plunge yourself into the market. Lastly, decide the way you want to sell your clothes. There are two ways. You can directly inform people closest to you or sell it on the internet. Of course, selling them online reaches a wider audience or consumers. Name the shop in concordance with the theme of your products. If it is necessary, put ads on the sites. Now, you are already an entrepreneur.

How do we incorporate a scripture heart on a Valentine classroom activity?

For a religious activity during Valentine's, teachers might want to use a scripture heart during a Valentine's class. First of all, ask the students to make their own cards. Supply them with colorful papers, markers, glitters, and scissors. After they are finished designing them, make the students sit in a circle to discuss the hearts. The students need to ask and answer questions in regard to the history of Jesus and the role of Saint John. Also, they need to analyze further the meaning behind the verse and its relation to their everyday life. Additionally, they can share their own experiences with respect to God’s love with their friends. It is important that the teacher manages the act encouraging open-mindedness and compassion.

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