Thanksgiving Placemat Printables

Nov 03, 2020
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Thanksgiving Placemat Printables
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Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats
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What is the purpose of a placemat?

The main function of the placemats is to shield the table from water stains, food stains, or heat damage. The placemats also can function as decorations, especially if they're made from lace or silk. In restaurants, they will be accustomed to advertise menu items, specials, local businesses, or small games for kids. However, the utilization of those placemats isn't free from much debate and controversy. because they assert, cloth placemats are usually considered unnecessary and need more depth care than the table surface itself which may usually be easily cleaned, while stained cloth placemats must be washed and dried before they will be reused. additionally, plastic plate mats have drawn criticism because they're said to trigger environmental damage (because unused mats are thrown away).

Should I use placemats?

People usually use placemats because placemats can be called practical, especially when you are feeding children when ‘easy to clean’ plastic mats are almost a necessity. Placemats are also a great choice to avoid direct contact of the heat on the bowl, (or plate, or glass) which may cause heat damage. The placemats actually have many types of uses, depending on the material of the placemats. But besides the reasons above, many people also use placemats for the sake of aesthetics and so that their dining table looks put together. There are also many people who do not use placemats because according to them, placemats are not a much-needed priority in the composition of the kitchen or dining room. There are also those who consider placemats to be complicated and a bit of a waste of money because some placemats with certain fabrics require deep special attention such as leather or satin. So, the answer to your question is depends on yourself. Do you need to use placemats?

Thanksgiving Placemats
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How do you make homemade placemats?

Making homemade placemats are actually easy and you could make it quick. Since cotton placemats are having many benefits and cotton is an easy to find fabric, I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on how to make thanksgiving printed cotton placemats.
1. Take your thanksgiving printed cotton fabric and cut it out, you can make it as big as you want depends on your needs.
2. Now after you have your final fabric pieces, you can tuck in the edges slightly and sew them using a straight stitch.
3. After you finished stitching the thanksgiving printed cotton fabric, you can fold them and put them on your dining table!

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