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Updated on Oct 10, 2022
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Halloween Borders Pumpkins
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How do you decorate pumpkins with acrylic paint?

Pumpkin carving may be a common Halloween hobby, but switching to a paintbrush instead of an X-Acto knife offers certain advantages:

Young children can paint pumpkins easily and safely, parents have more customization options, and you end up with a fall display that lasted at least until you switch out your fall decorations for holiday decorations.

Meanwhile, here are a few things to keep in mind when painting pumpkin decorations to prevent messing up your pumpkin.

  • Instead of oil paint, choose an acrylic.

Acrylic paint is advised when painting pumpkins rather than oil-based paint. It dries quickly, is simple to use, and is simple to clean up. Additionally, since acrylic is water-based, you may begin again if you make a mistake by wiping it away with a cloth. In the meantime, oil-based paint needs paint thinner to be cleaned after use because it can make the texture not good and requires a lot of time to set.


  • Working in layers.


In order to avoid the vivid orange of the pumpkin exterior from coming through, some acrylic craft paints will need more than just one layering; however, due to their quick dry qualities and affordability, acrylic allows you to build numerous applications for good coating in the shortest period of time. You can paint anything with acrylic, therefore it's also essential to have a selection of brushes in various sizes prepared.


  • Put on protective suits.


Just words of caution, use an old shirt or apron and cover the surface you're working on. The paint can stain clothes, so use extra care when coloring your pumpkin. You don't want the painting to ruin your clothes.

Is it necessary to use spray paint for all-over colors on the pumpkin painting?

Proceed with many layers of all colors to transform your brash pumpkin into something like a bright sun, pale ghost, or pastel-yellow ornamental display.

Knowing when to use spray paint will help you acquire complete coverage more efficiently and with more durability. In just a few seconds, you have a complete coat of paint applied.

To get the color neater, though, be sure to cover any sections you don't want to be colored. People apply spray paint to apply a foundation layer for more complex work, to color the stalks of the pumpkins in vivid colors, to make groups of pumpkins in various colors of a similar color, and even more.

Given that it functions especially well enough for decorative projects and color combinations, spray paint is a very flexible material.

Halloween Pumpkin Border Clip Art
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Have you ever created a pressed flower pumpkin to decorate for Halloween?

Implementing this design, bring your decoration the most beautiful makeover. If you want to create this decoration, apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the exterior of the pumpkin, leaving a space big enough to accommodate your flowers or leaves.

Put the flower very gently onto the Modge Podge using a pincer. After that, just use a brush and a small amount of Mod Podge to blend the flower or leaf's petals. Repetition is recommended all over the pumpkin's skin; now let it dry naturally.

The flowers and leaves should then be sealed with a layer or two more of Modge Podge after drying. Allow to completely set by allowing it to dry for many hours.

What purpose does a border on paper serve?

Page borders on children's paper can help maintain the neatness of children's writing and drawings while also giving a fun impression when you're teaching them how to draw or write.

A Halloween-themed event is one that can be used as an example. Children can employ paper with a page border in the shape of a Halloween symbol, like a pumpkin page border, in class.

When class is in process, using a page border with a pumpkin icon can make it appear like Halloween is being celebrated. Then, with the support of the page border, when the kids need to draw something on paper, the page border functions as a barrier so that the kids don't draw over the page order, which can assist maintain the neatness of the kid's drawing.

How can a small pumpkin be used as Halloween decor?

If you just have a small pumpkin on your land, don't worry; you can still use it as a Halloween decoration and transform it into something spooky, for example, a spider pumpkin!

This miniature frightening spider will look great on your Halloween table. This is how to do it: A little pumpkin's stem should be removed before painting the entire pumpkin with glossy black paint and letting it set.

Four wires should be inserted into every other side of the pumpkin after cutting handicraft or floral wire into eight equal sections. To form the legs, flex each wire multiple times.

Numerous googly eyes should be glued to the top of the pumpkin with hot glue or crafting glue. Tada! This eerie black spider is surely nice to set for your Halloween decoration.

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