Printable Halloween Pumpkin Border

Updated on Jul 08, 2022
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Printable Halloween Pumpkin Border
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Halloween Borders Clip Art
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Why do we carve pumpkins at Halloween?

Carve pumpkins have been a tradition every Halloween for a century. The origins of the Halloween pumpkin border tradition is from an Irish myth about Stingy Jack, a thief who tricked the Devil for his soul. Long short story, the Devil one day approaches Jack and tells him that it is time for him to die. Then, Jack asks the Devil that he’ll do his last trick to people but he needs the Devil’s help. He asks the Devil to turn into coins so he can steal and cause a riot (The devil is a shapeshifter). 

Then, the Devil agrees and he jumps into Jack's wallets only to find out that he was tricked. Jack tied his wallet very tight so the Devil was trapped. After that, Jack offers the Devil an agreement, he will set him free only if the Devil is not taking his soul. Then, the Devil agreed with Jack. When Jack died, God didn’t allow him to go to heaven, and the Devil already made an agreement that he will not take Jack's souls. So, his soul wandered and traveled around the world ever since.

In Ireland, people start to carve demonic faces out in pumpkin to frighten away Jack’s soul. When the Irish immigrants moved to the US, they brought the traditions and do it every Halloween.

Halloween is a tradition based on the Celtic festival Samhain, a celebration of moments in ancient Ireland and British that marked the end of summer and the beginning of the year on November 1st. It is believed during those days, the souls of the dead would return to visit their homes. It is also believed that Jack who was wandering around the world would come to his hometown at that time.

Halloween Clip Art Borders
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Printable Halloween Border Paper
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Halloween Pumpkin Border Clip Art
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Halloween Borders Pumpkins
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Printable Halloween Pumpkin Border Template
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Halloween Pumpkin Border Template
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Printable Pumpkin Stationery And Writing Paper Border
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How do you light a jack o lantern?

  1. Carve your pumpkin. When you are carving the Halloween pumpkin border, don’t forget to consider where to put the hole for lighting. 
  2. Use Candles. If you want a traditional way, then use candles to light your pumpkin.
  3. Create a chimney at the top of the pumpkin so it is easier to put the light or to take it out. Also, when you are using candles, it is important to make a hole at the top because the heat could burn up the pumpkin.
  4. Use a battery-powered light. If you are worried about the candle flames, then you can use a battery-powered light that is shaped like a candle.

What can you do with all the parts of a pumpkin?

Pumpkin is one of the Halloween symbols that the tradition itself has already existed since ancient times. To make your Halloween stick to the tradition, you might want to serve pumpkin as the main menu on your dinner table.

You need to know that all pumpkin parts can be beneficial. The pumpkin flowers, leaves, seeds, stems, flash, and even its skins are edible. You can eat the flowers raw. Including it in the salad would be such a good idea for making a tasty dish.

Cook the leaves to make a soup or crispy pumpkins leaves will be so delicate. Roasted pumpkin seeds are great for your diet snacks. It is rich in protein and other nutrients which can help you maintain your health condition.

The pumpkin flesh is very versatile. You can boil or roast it and you’ll have the delicate dish for your breakfast. The flesh is also the part you can carve with.

If you planning to carve a pumpkin, don’t leave and throw some pumpkin parts into your trash can.

Can footprints be used to make pumpkin art?

Making kids' Halloween projects can be done in many ways. Use materials that can be found near you to do the project.

It can be interesting if you have a creative idea for constructing the projects. Let your kids have their footprint as the pumpkin art. Here’s how you can do it.

You need to gather the materials first, such as white paper as the background, orange and green watercolor, a brush, and a jar that fits their feet. Pour the orange painting into the jar and let your kids dip their feet into it.

Guide them to print their feet on the white paper. Continue to guide your kids in painting the stem part. Stick the result on the wall and gather it with other Halloween projects your kids made.

What are the facts about pumpkins you need to know?

Pumpkins are always related to Halloween. Legend said that the origin of the pumpkin is related to Halloween because Irish people start carving the pumpkin during this spooky day.

The pumpkin belongs to the gourd species along with cucumbers, melons, watermelons, cantaloupes, and zucchini. These plants are initially known from Mexico and Central America.

The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word that means large melon. The largest pumpkin produced in the US is in Illinois.

Pumpkin is often planted in May and June so they will shine during October which makes them related closely to the autumn and fall season.

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