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Oct 25, 2009
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Printable Thanksgiving Trivia Questions
Printable Thanksgiving Trivia Questionsdownload

What Can I Ask for Trivia Questions and Answers?

Actually, you can ask as many questions as you want since a trivia game is meant to ask a small detail about something. No wonder you are familiar with the movie trivia questions and answers that you found on the internet that sometimes link to your personality. But, aside from that, you are free to give questions about something about you that people might haven't known yet. As obvious as it's seen, the answers lie in you.

What Trivia Questions and Answers Game Should Be About?

As you will be asked some random questions, the essence of this game is actually for fun. If the questions are about the person who invited the party, you will get to know each other's unnecessary detail. It goes the same as the questions about trends, movies, and TV shows. You are required to pay attention to the details in every scene, and might as well learning new facts about the process of making the shows. After all, the game is meant to burst some laughter at a party, as well as in a classroom situation. Not only people will learn something new, but also get creative.

Printable Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz
Printable Thanksgiving Trivia Quizdownload
Printable Bible Trivia Questions
Printable Bible Trivia Questionsdownload
Christmas Movie Trivia Printable
Christmas Movie Trivia Printabledownload

What Does The Word 'Trivia' Really Mean?

Essentially, the meaning of the word 'Trivia' is unimportant information. That is why you can ask any random questions, along with the unbelievable answers for this game. But, you can also define the meaning of 'Trivia' with little details. If you like to watch TV, you must have seen such a game show in which contestants answer a lot of questions and they are given some chances to answer the game, whether calling a friend or skip the question. If this person can answer all of the questions, they will receive a prize. 

How To Make The Questions and Answers for Trivia Game?

The first thing you have to prepare is a list of questions and answers. You can get inspiration from news articles, current trends, TV shows, movies, books, and many more. If you have a little time, better to check the facts from the internet. Then, you can either write the questions and answers on a piece of paper or on a journal, as long as no one will find them out. Some people also post the game on a website. You can make the game from a generator which also includes what kind of personality you are based on the trivia questions and answers. 

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