Printable Thanksgiving Borders

Mar 17, 2011
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Printable Thanksgiving Borders

Printable Thanksgiving Borders

Thanksgiving Border Clip Art Download
Thanksgiving Border Clip Art Downloaddownload

How do I use Word to build a custom border?

Page Border or page frame can enhance the appearance of our document. The more beautiful the appearance of the document that we create, the better it will be to read the contents of our document. Therefore, page borders are often used when making a proposal or business plan. So that those offered are interested in reading the contents of the paper or manuscript that we submit. We can create a custom border in Word like Holiday Thanksgiving borders, business proposal border, even some cute border. We can make various decorations using the page border facility provided by Microsoft Word. You can use the following steps to take advantage of the page border as a page decoration:

Step 1 - Click the Page Layout ribbon

Step 2 - Then in the Page Background group click the Page Borders button

Step 3 - Then in the Border and Shading dialog select the Page Border tab

Step 4 - In the Settings panel on the left, select the item Box

Step 5 - Select the line type that is in the Style List.

Step 6 - Next select the page border color in the Color box.

Step 7 - Click the OK button

Step 8 - Your page will now use the decoration from the Page Border.

How do I create a custom border in Powerpoint?

Besides being used to make presentation designs, PowerPoint users can also design each slide to make it more pleasing to the eye. In this article, I will share tricks on how to make a border using PowerPoint, for example, Thanksgiving borders, business presentation border, or anything else, so that the presentation slides attract the audience more when you are presenting.

How to Make a custom border in PowerPoint

Step 1 - First, open PowerPoint and then go to the Insert menu.

Step 2 - Second, click the Shapes Menu, then select a Rectangles.

Step 3 - The third, after selecting Rectangle, point the cursor to the top left corner of the slide and then drag it to the bottom right corner of the slide. This is done so that the Rectangles that we place fill all parts of the Slide.

Step 4 - Fourth, After Rectangles fill all parts of the Slide. Click the Shape Fill menu at the top then select No fill to leave the edges of the rectangles.

Step 5 - The fifth stage is the refinement of the frame. Add thickness to the frame by clicking the weight menu on the Shape Outline. Then go to More line.

Step 6 - Sixth, in the More Line menu you just need to adjust the thickness of the frame according to your wishes by typing the size in Width. Look at the following picture.

National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation
National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentationdownload

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Printable Thanksgiving Borders
Printable Thanksgiving Bordersdownload
Printable Thanksgiving Borders
Printable Thanksgiving Bordersdownload
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Printable Thanksgiving Clip Art Bordersdownload
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How do you create a border in Photoshop?

Maybe you have a Holiday picture with your family at Thanksgiving dinner last year, and want to make Thanksgiving borders for your picture, Here’s how to make an outline or border in Photoshop

Stage 1: Zoom Out to create the space for the outline

Step 2: Unlock the Background Layer

Step 3: Open the Canvas Size dialog box menu

Step 4: Add more canvas around the photo

Stage 5: Add a solid color to the fill layer

Step 6: Pick white for the color of the photo border

Stage 7: Drag the fill layer below the image

Stage 8: Change the color of the outline (Free)

Adds an outline inside the main outline

Step 9: Select "Layer 0"

Stage 10: Add a stroke style to the layer

Stage 11: Change the color of the stroke (optional)

Step 12: Set the stroke size (size)

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