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Nov 13, 2009
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What is the meaning behind pirate skulls and crossbones?

The picture of skull and crossbones popularly known as to be the icon of pirates. This scary skull and crossbones are drawn on a pirate flag to inform the target they are about to attack. As for today, it can be seen and become globally popular from fashion templates to represent resistance against authorities. Pirates draw this symbol to be a signal for their targets or victims to surrender or back resist. On top of it is ambiguity history, the meaning behind the skull is about death or the devil. The poisonous items or liquid you might see in the movie also have this sign which is presumably simple it means a danger that can cause you to death.

Where do skulls and crossbones apply?

The pirate sign of skull and crossbones were actually can be applied in many different areas. It means to the skull and crossbone themselves. The symbol that pirates use means a signal for bringing rage or to attack their enemy or as to signal the victim to resist before they regret anything for coming. The sign of skull and crossbones become a symbol in many kinds of aspects, to be clear, something that is dangerous and can cause death. It became a funerary symbol since it was considered as ‘memento mori’ or meaning ‘remember death’ from Latin. And for today its symbol is attached to a poisonous substance. Throughout its story and meaning, the skull and crossbone icon have become something effective to create an fearful image.

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Printable Skull and Crossbones
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Why do pirates have parrots?

The image of pirates having parrots on their shoulders has no historical trace. Some said that it became a thing because of a movie or some writers on the novel picturing pirates have colorful pets on their shoulders to accompany them. Parrots are a talkative pet bird which seemed more pleasant to have parrots on their shoulders as a friend to talk to, presumably. Parrots are also often kept by pirates as a status symbol. They are valued as luxury items. The exotic pet can be a statement for pirates as they have been successful in robbing a rich person and have more wealth inside their boxes. Besides, parrots as a kind of talkative can be an entertainment pets. The history behind why pirates keep parrots as their pets were blurry to be real yet too bad if it is just a stereotypical thing of what is written in the book or seen in the movies.

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