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Jun 19, 2014
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Printable Uno Deck Cards
Printable Uno Deck Cardsdownload


Why is Uno so popular?

UNO games have been known since 1971. Games played with a large number of players make it easier to be famous. UNO games are so much fun that people use them for killing time together. Players can come from various ages. As long as the persons can think of a strategy for winning. You can not win a game without a strategy right? Take it easy, this game is very easy to learn.

What does an Uno deck consist of?

UNO is a card game. Of course the contents of the UNO deck are UNO cards. The total number of cards in a UNO game is 108 cards. The main UNO card has red, green, yellow, and blue colors. Each card has its own function. 76 cards function as ordinary cards, 32 cards function as action cards. Each card will be distributed randomly and evenly to all players. The number of cards when first shared is 7 cards. Why? Because that's what is written in the guidance paper. After all, players have their cards, the game can begin.

Do you keep drawing in UNO?

Playing UNO will do drawing regularly. But there are times when the player can not draw. For example, you can not stack cards draw 2 and card draw 4. This is already in the UNO game rules. But, take it easy. You will still be able to play as long as you have the matching cards. You can also use the action card if you have it. You might have skipped part of the game several times. But it does not make you quit the UNO game. The player who can out of the game is called the winner.

Printable Uno Cards
Printable Uno Cardsdownload
Printable Uno Deck Cards
Printable Uno Deck Cardsdownload
UNO Card Deck
UNO Card Deckdownload
Printable Uno Deck Cards
Printable Uno Deck Cardsdownload
Printable Uno Deck Cards
Printable Uno Deck Cardsdownload
Print Out Uno Cards
Print Out Uno Cardsdownload
Vintage Uno Deck
Vintage Uno Deckdownload
Original Uno Deck
Original Uno Deckdownload
Uno Deck With Only Reverse Cards
Uno Deck With Only Reverse Cardsdownload


What is the penalty for a player who forgets to yell UNO?

To be a winner in the UNO game, you’re not only using good luck and also strategic skills in play. You need to yell UNO when it's about to finish the card and win. Because if you forget to shout UNO, you will get a penalty. You can be a loser just because of the forgotten yell. Because if you forget, you have to increase the number of your cards again. Isn't it sad? You should remember it carefully when you already have a little card in hand. Because other players will put their eyes on you to take you down while you get closer as a winner. Fair enough to be called competing in a game huh.

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