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Jan 17, 2023
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Printable Number Chart 1-100
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What skills do kids get from learning numbers?

The very basic math skill should have been taught to students at an early age. It is because there are some skills that are quite influential to go to further steps. Since it already happens, you might curious about what it brings on.

Number sense brings up the ability to count accurately. It's like moving from the very first way which is the forward counting and going backward later. If they are already reached these stages, you just have to take addition and subtraction along with multiplication and division to learn.

Learning math incorporates words, symbols, pictures, and even objects which turn out the kids to learn about representation. You might already be familiar with the math questions that use cases like a story to solve with math. This leads the kids to figure out the numbers they should count as well as how to get the right answer.

The basic skill of math leads to mastering measurement. In the further steps of learning math after the basics, your kids will meet the length, height, weight, kilograms, pounds, feet, and more. If they already master the base one, the probability to learn these count fast is there.

How to create a number 1-100 chart?

As a starter in learning math, using a hundred chart is definitely a good choice to improve the skills faster. Instead of putting yourself to make the whole chart, it would be great if you involve the kids. Let's arrange the number chart together!

For making the chart from the scratch, all you need to gather are white paper, a ruler, scissors, glue, cardboard, a black marker, and a coloring pencil. When it comes to making the table, you can guide them from the whiteboard while they also do their paperwork.

Basically, the line will use the black marker to make it clear. You can give the kids the option of using a pencil at the first and then layered with it after. 

After getting the table done, layer the back part with the cardboard. Before that, make sure that the table is already in the fit size, so you can measure the cardboard with it. Time to add the numbers! Try to loudly count would for a perfect one to practice with. Loudly means clear and not have it all noisy. However, just look at the situation first. If it's too impossible, just instruct them to number by themselves.

Filling the numbers might be exciting, but coloring would be more. Let the kids pick the color for each row. They can pull off their creativity to show the coloring sense. If all the kids did, then you can continue to use it. Reminds them about counting loudly using the table. Throw some math questions in addition and subtraction would be great too!

Hundred Printable 100 Number Chart
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Number Chart 1-100
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Counting 100 Number Chart
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How can you involve nature in math learning for kids?

Turn out that learning math to be something fun is not impossible. Take the kids outdoors while giving them experience on how they can turn the greens into things they can count. If you seek ideas for outdoor math class, this might be good advice.

  1. Writing on the sand

If your place is close to the beach, better take them to write down the number on the sand. Play some games such as coming up with three numbers to create and after it is erased by the waves, they should mention it aloud. It is such a great game for learning numbers and memorization at the same time.

  1. Searching for the dry leaves and count

If the beach seems too far, then trees might be the nearest nature thing to your house. Ask the kids to gather the dry leaves. Let them not only count it but also categorize it. Kids have to put the leaves as the forward numbers you ask. It can be 1-10 which is not gonna be difficult for them to find that many leaves.

  1. Stack up the branches

Let the kids gather the branches with their own hands. Don't forget to give them a message about only taking the tiny ones. After having enough branches, ask them to start to stack them up while counting at the same time.

  1. Painting the rock

It could be a great combination activity of counting featuring painting. Take some rocks with a smooth surface to paint. Provide food coloring paint or other friendly environmental paint with the brush as well. Let the kids start to paint the numbers on the rocks. Allow them to pick the color. After getting 1-10, you can let them display it on the ground with forward counting. 

Those are how nature can be utilized as a medium to learn to number. Come up with other ideas or just elevate these activities with your version. The point is by taking your kids outdoors and learning math through it would be more engaging.

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