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Updated on May 17, 2022
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Printable Medical Borders
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What do you need to prepare before going to the doctor with your kids?

For children, going to the doctor can be a frightening and difficult experience. For children who are unfamiliar with how and what to expect while seeing a doctor, it is better if parents explain what to expect and what services the doctor will give. If they encounter various medical tools such as needles, medications, and other equipment that they find frightening, children who feel unfamiliar with those atmospheres will be easily terrified.

Tell them that if they go to the doctor when they are not feeling well, they will be able to heal faster with the help of the doctor. In addition, explain to children that when the doctor conducts an examination, the doctor will only put an object called a stethoscope on the child's chest to check their condition, besides that, the doctor will also give a device called a thermometer to measure their body temperature. In severe cases, the doctor will look and shine a light on the children's pupils and ask the children to open their mouths and stick out their tongues as another form of examination.

Pleasant checkups are another factor that would encourage children to visit the doctor for the second time. Then, while inviting them to the doctor, explain what the doctor will do to them and give them the directions that will comfort them that being examined by a doctor is nothing to be scared of. It is also important to take children to a pediatrician who is a specialist in the field of treatment. Gifts are frequently one of the reasons why children like and are less anxious during medical visits. In this sense, mentally preparing youngsters to visit the doctor is a worthy effort.

You can also have a preparation by introducing your children to items that can be seen in the hospital. Have your kids remember each name and try to get a distraction by asking about each of the items inside the consultation room while the doctor is examining them. Most doctors also might find this helpful to get through an efficient time without getting the children too afraid or nervous.

What are some common items needed for the school clinic?

In every school, in addition to the teacher's room and classroom, the school clinic room is a place that cannot be taken lightly. Each room has its own function, and for school clinics, the most important function is as a place for students who are sick while at school. School clinics usually have one teacher who is an expert in the field of health the teacher will be responsible for and treat students who are sick at school.

What is meant by illness at this stage like pain such as dizziness, fever, fatigue, wound, and other minor illnesses? In the school clinic, first aid medicines are always prepared to treat students who need it, such as a first-aid manual, sterile gloves, sterile gauze, necessary medicines such as diarrhea medicine, burn medicine, bruising medicine, paracetamol, and ibuprofen to relieve pain and flu symptoms, antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizer, adhesive bandage, scissors, flashlight, tweezers, and many more.

In addition to first aid kits, usually in school clinics, bedrooms and other medical equipment are provided which can be a good and comfortable place for students who are sick to stay and rest. You can also add some decorations including posters about some health conditions or pictures of each doctor in charge placed in a medical borders frame on the wall.

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Why a clinic is needed as a school facility?

The school clinic is a facility within the school where a sick student gets medical services, including first aid and basic nurse examinations in an emergency. In addition, the school clinic is also one of the supporting factors to create a clean and healthy environment. The importance of a school clinic is that it provides emergency medical care for sick students. In addition, the school clinic assists students in examining their health and diagnosing early signs and symptoms of health problems that may influence their capacity to study.

The school clinic then prepares, administers, and evaluates the students' health education program. Furthermore, school clinics improve students' ability to live healthy lives through the formation of healthy living skills, as well as healthy and clean living behaviors, in order to allow for optimal growth and development for students and school residents through various curricular and extracurricular activities.

So, it is hoped that the school clinic can have a positive impact and awareness to students in changing clean and healthy living behavior in the school environment. This aims to improve the health status of students and create a healthy environment, thus enabling the growth and development of Indonesian people as a whole.

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