Printable Halloween Puzzles 4th Grade

Aug 21, 2021
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Halloween Crossword Puzzle for 3rd Grade
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How do you make a puzzle out of paper?

Wanna spend Halloween with making papercraft with your school grader? Try this Halloween puzzles in 4th grade, it can be made out of paper!

  1. Prepare materials:

* Used cardboard (the cool one is using a hardboard -but don't have-).

* Used book cover (Spooky one because it’s Halloween!).

* Cutter.

* Iron ruler.

* Fox glue/double tape.

* Pencil/pen.

  1. Cut the cardboard into 2 equal parts (front-back).
  2. Cut the Elephant Image from the book cover to the size of the cardboard box, then stick it on one side of the cardboard.
  3. Glue the remaining cardboard with origami paper.
  4. Line with a pencil/pen the part of the cardboard that has an elephant-like the image below, then cut it using a cutter to follow the line.
  5. Then stick the puzzle border on the other cardboard box.
  6. Then arrange the puzzle according to the picture.

So now, a simple interesting puzzle can be played by your children!!


How do you make homemade puzzles?

You can still celebrate Halloween in quarantine! Keep your grade-schooler busy with making Halloween puzzles 4th grade! It’s so fun to do!


  1. Cardboard
  2. Spooky kids-friendly images
  3. Paper glue
  4. Scissors & cutting knife/designer cutter (cutter that is like a pen)
  5. Cutting or if you don’t have one, cut it on the glass table so that it doesn't make a trace


  1. Markers/ballpoint pen.
  2. Ruler.

How to make:

  1. Cut out the pictures according to their shape
  2. Paste it on the cardboard used cardboard
  3. Using a marker/pen and ruler, make the lines on the car into pieces like a puzzle. Since Sigi is still a beginner, I just divided the image into 2-4 parts. Roughly divide the shape like the photo below.
  4. Then cut out the pictures. It is easier to use a designer cutter because it is more flexible if the shape is not straight and does not need a ruler.
  5. Don't forget to cut the image along the lines that divide the image.
  6. So and ready to play.



4th Grade Crossword Puzzles Printable
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How do you make a cardboard puzzle?

Everyone probably already knows the puzzle game. This game is no stranger to our ears, from children to adults, many people like this game. This game is very useful to hone our brain's thinking skills, and in this Halloween season, instead of having to buy to a toy store, with a little creativity, you can spend your time to make this Halloween puzzles 4th grade with your grade-schooler child. To make it, the materials used are relatively affordable and easy to find around us. Want to know what the manufacturing process is like? Please continue reading this article until it's finished.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

⦁ Ruler and pen.

⦁ Cutter and razor blade.

⦁ Used cardboard (use used cardboard such as used laptop cardboard, shoe boxes, etc.).

⦁ Little solution.

⦁ Paper glue.

⦁ Safety pin.

⦁ Draw a puzzle pattern that has been printed on 2 sheets, as well.

⦁ The picture you want to use as a puzzle, 1 sheet (for the picture you can fit what you want).

After the necessary ingredients have been collected, now proceed to the manufacturing process.

Step 1 - cut the puzzle pattern, cardboard, and the picture you want to make into the puzzle with the desired size. However, it must have the same length and width. As well as adding about 5 or 8 cm in the picture and puzzle pattern, this is intended for the process of attaching the solution.

Step 2 -  after finishing cutting, then paste the puzzle image on the puzzle pattern image. For sticking, use a solution, sticking only to the corner of the puzzle pattern.

Step 3 - after finishing the pasting, then numbering the puzzle pattern and cardboard image (this is intended to facilitate the process of attaching the puzzle image to the puzzle image pattern).

Step 4 -  for sticking use paper glue. When finished then use a pen by following the lines on the puzzle pattern image.

Step 5 -  then use a pin by giving a hole to the cardboard by following the line in the image, doing it back and forth. This aims to facilitate the release process later.

Step 6 -  after that is the process of cutting images and used cardboard.

Step 7 -  So that the puzzle is not easily damaged, use a solution on the puzzle. The reason is, using a solution is because it makes the process of arranging the puzzle easier. The results are as below.

Even though it is not as flawless as puzzles on the market, but you can try to make it. Hopefully this simple article about the puzzle making.

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