Printable First Aid Games

Mar 05, 2012
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Printable First Aid Games

Printable First Aid Games

Basic First Aid Worksheets for Kids
Basic First Aid Worksheets for Kidsdownload

How do you introduce kids about first aid?

From an early age, kids can learn to call for help as their sharp minds are limited by physical strength and emotional state. When they cry, they probably ask for help. This has been a start for the concept of calling for help, or attention. Give an entertaining lesson to kids. Teach them about body parts since it is fascinating yet much more knowledgeable for children. Bring your kids a plastic first aid kit box also an effective tool to introduce a first aid kit. Do a role play game with you children. Use ketchup for blood, besides it brings laughter to both of you and the kids, this can teach them about how to clean up blood and sanitize the wound. Adults don't always have to take roles as the caregiver, switch roles and through them they can develop several skills and know how to use the first aid by themselves.

Why is it important to learn about first aid for kids?

This is a skill as a tool to help other people. To learn and understand about first aid means that you are careful, willing to help a victim or even a friend of you nearby. This allows children to be more aware and give them skills for themselves and others in case of emergency. As you tell your children that there might be some unwanted scenarios like when they fall from the swings or seeing their friends fall from the pavement, you can guide them about first help with the first aid kit they have in the box. Give a light example and try to play first aid games by doing a role play and give them basic kit like bandages.

First Aid Kids Worksheets
First Aid Kids Worksheetsdownload
Printable First Aid Information
Printable First Aid Informationdownload
Memory Game Printable Worksheets
Memory Game Printable Worksheetsdownload
Printable First Aid Worksheets for Kids
Printable First Aid Worksheets for Kidsdownload
Printable First Aid Worksheets
Printable First Aid Worksheetsdownload
Printable First Aid Worksheets
Printable First Aid Worksheetsdownload
First Aid Activity Worksheets
First Aid Activity Worksheetsdownload

What do you need to store in the first aid box?

First aid kit is a box or bag that has supplies to treat minor injuries such as cuts, burns, scrapes and bruises. Inside the box of first aid kit you need the essential kit of survival supplies, life-saving emergency supplies and convenience items like bug spray & cold flu medicines. Keep your first aid kit in a dry place and locked. Basic supplies you need to have were like bandages, gloves, cotton, antiseptic, first aid tape. For sunburn, you can prepare a burn gel and bug wipes or spray to heal bug bites. You can also prepare eye drops as prevention when your eyes are injured or to get your dusty eyes sterile.

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