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Dec 15, 2014
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Cut Out Letters Stencils
Cut Out Letters Stencilsdownload

How Do You Cut out Letters in Paper?

Cutting out letters in the paper can be a tricky task. Especially for the handwriting style of letters that have a lot of curves. Here are some tips to cut them more neatly.
1.    First, you will need a paper cutter and a cutting mat. Make sure that the cutter is sharp to get a clean cut.
2.    Print a template with clear edges. If you handwrite them, make sure to make the edges of the letters visible and easy to trace.
3.    Start with a smaller piece and cut them first. For example, letters like 'a', 'o,' 'p', 'd', 'b', have small holes inside them so you have to cut the inside holes first.
4.    When cutting a corner like the inside of 'y' or underneath the bar of 't', cut away from the point in both directions for a cleaner result.
5.    If you have to cut a tight curve, use the point of the cutter to create small cuts. One smooth cut is difficult to achieve and unless you are very careful and experienced, attempting one continuous cut can result in an accident.

What Can I Use to Cut Paper?

There are a lot of tools you can use to cut paper.
1.    Starting from the basics, you can use scissors. This tool is easy to use and comfortable to hold, but it has its disadvantages such as it is very difficult to make accurate straight lines, especially for smaller objects and letters.
2.    Still quite basic, you can use the Exacto Knife. This is one of the most common tools used in paper cutting. It consists of a single super sharp blade and available in different sizes. With the help of a ruler, you can cut a straight line nice and easy.
3.    Papercraft trimmer is the fancier tool to cut papers. To use this tool, you need to place the paper beneath the blade track and run the blade. With convenient built-in measurement, this tool provides straight accurate cuts quickly. The only disadvantage is that you may need to change the blade frequently to avoid paper fraying from a dull blade.

Letter Stencils to Print and Cut Out
Letter Stencils to Print and Cut Outdownload
DIY Letters Printable
DIY Letters Printabledownload
Large Letter S Cut Out Template
Large Letter S Cut Out Templatedownload
Printable Cut Out Alphabet Letters
Printable Cut Out Alphabet Lettersdownload
Letter Stencils to Print and Cut Out
Letter Stencils to Print and Cut Outdownload
Printable Cut Out Letters From Magazines
Printable Cut Out Letters From Magazinesdownload
Printable Cut Out Newspaper Letters
Printable Cut Out Newspaper Lettersdownload
Printable Happy Birthday Cut Out Letters
Printable Happy Birthday Cut Out Lettersdownload
Printable Cut Out Letters For Bulletin Boards
Printable Cut Out Letters For Bulletin Boardsdownload

How do You Cut Paper Cleanly?

To cut paper cleanly, you need to put the paper on a flat surface. It is better if you have a cutting board/mat. To cut straight lines, you can use the help of a ruler. A metal ruler is the best option to use. Make sure that your cutter blade is sharp. Lastly, don't put too much pressure with the knife as you cut because it could create a drag and tear the paper instead of cut it cleanly.  

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