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May 12, 2010
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Cross Stitch Patterns Borders
Cross Stitch Patterns Bordersdownloadvia


What Is A Cross Stitch Border?

Cross stitch is a part of hand embroidery that has been around for ages. Our grandmothers used to do it a long time ago and this thing even becomes a tradition now. No wonder that people are still into this activity nowadays.

However, cross stitch has been classified as a design. People use it to make their artworks become more wonderful. Now, you know why there are cross stitch borders ideas out there waiting to be added into your artwork.

How Do I Make A Cross Stitch Border?

Cross stitch is one of the easiest types of hand embroidery that you can learn. Once you know the tricks, you’ll get used to it and you’ll be a master as long as you keep practicing. However, to make a cross stitch border, you’ll need to pay attention to these things below:

1.    Prepare all cross stitch material that you need. You will need a cross stitch fabric, pattern, embroidery needle, embroidery floss, embroidery scissors, and embroidery hoop.

2.    You can start from the middle of your fabric. It will be easier for you because you have plenty of room for your work. Anyway, you can find the center of your stitch by folding your fabric two times double.

3.    Remember to wash your hand before you make a cross stitch. It helps you to not get stained. Please make sure to dry your hand too after you wash it. You’ll be thankful later when you do this.

4.    Still can’t get into it? Well, perhaps it’s too difficult to get into it only by reading these tips. Maybe, you’ll understand better if you see the tips from the video. There are plenty of cross stitch DIY projects on YouTube if you want to find it. Maybe that could be more helpful. 

Counted Cross Stitch Border Patterns
Counted Cross Stitch Border Patternsdownloadvia
Printable Cross Stitch Border Patterns
Printable Cross Stitch Border Patternsdownloadvia
Christmas Cross Stitch Borders
Christmas Cross Stitch Bordersdownloadvia
Cross Stitch Borders
Cross Stitch Bordersdownloadvia
Cross Stitch Border Designs
Cross Stitch Border Designsdownloadvia
Cross Stitch Borders Pattern
Cross Stitch Borders Patterndownloadvia

Where Can I Get The Cross Stitch Border Design? 

There are a lot of cross stitch borders designs that you can get for free from these websites. You can go through Pinterest, Printabler, or The Spruce Crafts for the example. You will find various types of cross border design from those websites. There are geometric, flower, perennial, assisi, and more borders in cross stitch design that you can choose from there.

This kind of design has a cross stitch texture that might be perfect for your artwork. So, instead of making it, maybe you should try these cross stitch border design templates instead. There are free templates but also paid templates. All depends on what you need.

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