Printable Addition Board Games

Oct 21, 2010
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Printable Addition Board Games

Printable Addition Board Games

Printable Math Games
Printable Math Gamesdownload

What’s the use of Addition Board Games?


Kids love games! When we pull out a game we’ve created or another one we bought home, they are really excited. The kids and the games are supposed to be the ideal couple. As much as they love those games, there is something special about board games that come in a box with cool pieces and new challenges.

Normally when we think of board games, we think of games like Candy Land, Guess Who, or even The Monopoly series. But did you know there were plenty of board games just like Candy Land or Sorry board games that have a math focus. Isn’t it a perfect way to have fun as a family and sneak in some math practice?


What is the best addition board game?


The most important thing with the additional board games though is they have to actually be fun, challenging and of course educative. It’s not just a bunch of additional flash cards disguised as a boring board game. Choose wisely!

Printable Addition Board Game
Printable Addition Board Gamedownload
Printable Addition Math Game
Printable Addition Math Gamedownload
Printable Addition Board Game
Printable Addition Board Gamedownload
Doubles Addition Printable Game
Doubles Addition Printable Gamedownload


What’s an example of an additional board game?


1. Addition Game with Uno Cards

This additional activity is mostly good for adding numbers under 10. Children will practice this in kindergarten and first grade. This activity makes a great math center for a classroom or extra practice at home. You just need to use the Uno cards, snap cubes and recording sheet.

First, pull the cards numbered 0-9 out of the Uno deck. Then shuffle the cards and split them into two stacks. The plus symbol was drawn on a square of white paper. To help kids that are still learning to count, Snap Cubes bring a lot of extra fun and someone to one correspondence help.

2. Paper Plate Addition Game

It always seems like the default way to play the additional board game is with flash cards. But in this method, ditch those flashcards and practice math with this fun Paper Plate Addition Game. It’s easy to make and everyone can play it over and over again.

Use the black marker to draw a line across the center of the plate. Next, draw a line to divide the top half in half again. Write a plus sign on one of the sticky notes and place it on the line dividing the top half of the plate.

Now gather the dice and buttons. Roll one dice. Place that number of buttons in the first section of the plate. Roll the dice again. Place that number of buttons in the second section. Add the two sections together and put the correct number of buttons in the bottom half of the plate. Remove the buttons and play again.

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