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Updated on May 17, 2022
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What are the pros and cons of paper vs. digital planners?

Hardliners of digital or paper planners each have their own justifications for choosing either one over the other. We must all follow the kind of planning that fits perfectly for us because it is an individual tendency. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each choice.

Digital planners

On PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, digital planners often run as internet or mobile programs.

  • Pros:


  1. Portability: You can simply access digital planners from a smartphone that you can put into your handbag, bag, or pocket.

  2. Automated reminders: A digital planner's alerts feature can be enabled to send you automatic reminders before events or deadlines.

  3. Shareability: You may usually share a digital planner with other people, including relatives or a personal secretary. You might even be likely to facilitate people follow - up appointments with you depending on the networking rights you have established.


  • Cons:


  1. Technical problems. You can be managing numerous systems if you are using different operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows at home at work, and Google Calendar on your smartphone. Things can easily go between the gaps if you fail to synchronize them.

  2. Electronically dependent: Using a digital planner puts you at risk if your battery dies or your Wi-Fi connection is lost.

  3. Invasion of privacy: Digital planners put your privacy at risk. You may be at risk for data leaks if your gadget or planner app lacks a strong password or two-step security.

  4. Screen fatigue: Increasing your online time has drawbacks, and one of them is a greater risk of developing the condition.


Paper Planners

There are numerous types, sizes, and designs of paper planners. There are daily, weekly, and monthly calendars, as well as planners with extra features like sections for setting goals, being productive, and keeping track of daily observations.

  • Pros:


  1. Simple to use. Paper planners don't need to be complicated. Everyone has access to them; all you have to do is take them up and begin writing your objectives, crucial events, and activities.

  2. Your planner is private and under your complete control. Maintain it in a secret location, such as a closed bedside drawer or cupboard, if you'd like to cut off access to it.

  3. Writing by hand is thought to help with cognitive performance, according to researchers.

  4. A written objective increases your chances of achieving it by 42%.

  5. A planner that is easily adaptable to fit your unique demands is the finest. You have a virtually limitless number of alternatives with paper planners. These days, you have a lot of options when it comes to your planner's cover, designs, and even the subject areas.


  • Cons:


  1. Portability. It will be simpler to remind yourself to bring your planner book with you everywhere you go if you ensure that your backpack or handbag has a compartment for a planner or get a pocket planner in its place.

  2. Absence of automated reminders. You'll need to read your paper planner frequently in order to ensure you're on schedule.

  3. Paper planners cannot be automated or shared electronically. They also cannot be incorporated into process management software.

October November Calendar 2015
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How to make a mini calendar with photos on it?

Making this adorable small calendar with photos is as simple as printing the template off the internet onto card stock and adding your favorite pictures for a quick photo calendar. It also makes a wonderful present!

Items that will be required:

  • 7 sheets of card stock
  • 12 4×6 Photos
  • Paper Trimmer or scissors
  • Adhesive / Glue




  1. Save the printable calendars to your computer after downloading them. On card stock or another thick-weight paper, print at 100% or full size.

  2. Two months will be printed on each sheet of cardstock. Trim along the templates' lines with a paper trimmer. A cover, 12 months, and a back make up your 14-piece set.

  3. Trim each chosen picture to 3.5 inches in height and 4 inches in width.

  4. Attach the pictures on the calendar cards using tape. Any strong adhesive will work, but avoid using glue or gluestick because these may damage the calendars over time.

  5. The calendar should be stapled across the top at a nearby print shop.

Is painter's tape a useful tool for hanging a paper calendar on a wall?

Purchasing painter's tape is a wise choice if you want to minimize the possibility of causing damage to a surface. Unlike regular scotch tape, painter's tape has strong adhesion and is more durable.

It has the ability to fasten a thin or light calendar to a wall and is available in blue or white.

It's clear that this isn't the best choice because you'll be able to see the tape and you'll also need to tape the sheets that could harm the calendar.

If you're not planning to preserve the calendar as a memento at the completion of the year, it's an excellent option.

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