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Updated on Nov 30, 2022
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Printable Christmas Borders
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What was the origin of Christmas?

Christmas is a large commercial holiday almost in every part of the earth. The celebration is also derived from Roman and pagan traditions. A source mentions that Romans celebrated two commemorations in December. The first one was to honor the god of agriculture Saturn while another one was commemorated the birthday of Mithra who believed as God of the sun. Time by time, Christianity in Europe spread around and that was the time each tradition was created.

The Christmas tree is always associated with the holiday season. During the pagan time, they decorated the tree due to anticipation of spring to come. The chosen Evergreen tree was thought to have special power because they stand in the dark and coldest seasons.

Romans also constructed the tree décor with metal accents. Meanwhile, the current tradition actually was taken from Northern Europe which was the incorporation the Christianity in Germany around the 1500s. At the time, they decorated trees at home with lights, sweets, and more.

Santa Clause is also a part of Christmas. This figure was inspired by St. Nicholas who was the bishop of the early Christian church. He received mistreated and jailed due to his beliefs. There was a time when he saved three women from being slaves.

He didn’t have many options but then threw the gold through the window which knew that some of it lands were on a sock that dried by the fire. That was the time when socks and Santa were always there at Christmas. Nowadays, kids love to hang socks while hoping Santa will give some presents through it.

What things to include on your Christmas personalized gifts?

Sharing gifts is a part of the tradition. You might figure out the things to wrap up. Make your common gifts special with create personalized ones. Just list your items and create the custom design. If you need some recommendations, here are some for you!

A set of cutleries. This is such a great option for those who want to have a package for friends. Choose colors that are in line with the holiday season vibes. A marble plate with a Bible verse about the celebrations sounds great. The fork and spoon with your friend’s name make it more exclusive.

Advent calendar. Instead of using the ordinary calendar, the advent style makes you able to elaborate the gift and calendar at the same time. Decide them to use and make sure it’s fit on your advent calendar. Decorate and make it more meaningful as gifts.

Scented candle. Customize the scented candle with the color that matches the celebration. You can have the sayings inside the gifts and let them surprise while it's melted. Sweet scent with any Christmas tags will make it a stunning gift.

Jewelry set. If you are looking for a gift that suits your girlfriend, then this might be the best of the best. Have a set of jewelry consisting of cross earrings, a necklace, a pendant with the name, a bracelet with sayings, and more. Pack it on a custom jewelry box with the name outside.  

Select one between those options and wrap it in a nice box while also decorating into the holiday season theme.

Printable Christmas Letterhead Templates
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How do you choose the elements for decorating at Christmas?

Decorating a Christmas tree is a tradition that exist since a long long time ago. Therefore, no one would skip that. While planning to have one, you have to figure out the essential items to be on your list of decorations. Here is the list that might remind you back!

  1. Christmas tree.


It’s Christmas central you have to put it first. Figure out the size of your tree and choose the items to put on. You might consider Christmas bulbs, light bulbs, Santa’s hanging, socks, artificial candy canes, and more.


  1. Wreath


This door embellishment is quite crucial too. You can put some welcome sayings along with other embellishments linked to the holiday season. Choose the items to cover the wreath frame. Greens sound great to go along with any reddish elements. Display it at your door and let everyone impress with it.


  1. Santa Clause


The figure of Santa Clause should exist on your list. It makes the celebration more magical for your kids. Have a doll figure or just use the Styrofoam-based one as the display. Elaborate with other elements such as reindeer, socks, gift boxes, and more. 


  1. Native Scene


Aside from the sparks of the celebration, everyone also needs to know the culture and the history that goes along with Christmas. Therefore, displaying a native scene can help you to tell everyone this. Have a large picture with the native scene and give a brief explanation of Jesus’s birth story.

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