Kindergarten Printable Shapes Flash Cards

Updated on Jan 26, 2022
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Preschool Printable Shapes Flash Cards
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How do you teach shape to the kids?

While having a kindergarten class, you might figure out the learning method to deliver. When it comes to teaching shapes, many kinds of activities you can come up with. Jump here if you need some recommendations.

Using the flashcard. It’s such a great way to introduce themselves. You can DIY a set of place cards with the shape picture and the vocabulary attached. Read aloud the names and repeat for memorization well.

Tracing worksheet. After kids get familiar with the shapes, then it’s time to test them by drawing it. Although the tracing still uses the dots as clues, it helps kids stick with the materials all the time.

Matching worksheet. Time to test kids’ knowledge! Some introductions were already done, then apply a matching test for them. In this sheet, you will provide a bunch of questions with a list of shapes and their vocabulary. All kids have to do is matching between the picture and the shape.

Vocabulary exercises. Not only knowing the shapes, but kids also need to master the vocabulary. Use such scramble words derived from shapes’ names. Aside from that, you are also able to try on the crosswords, find the words, and more.

What math games you can play with Uno cards?

Uno card can say one card game that is quite popular among all ages. It was first developed by Merle Robbins around 1971 in Reading Ohio. Due to the numbers on the card, Uno can turn into a fun math game you can work with.

Number sequence. It is such a great basic game for kids. Uno is packed with different types of colors and numbers. Here, you can ask the kids to have the right number sequences based on the color.

Memory game. Have a pack of Uno cards and spread it scrambled. Flip some cards and turn them back. Let the kids guess the color and numbers of the cards you already flipped.

Play with addition and subtraction. Use sticky notes along with a pen for writing the addition and subtraction symbols. Arrange the numbers as the questions and instruct your kids to answer with an Uno card too.

Race and compare. This game could be exciting for kids to try! Scramble a pack of Uno cards. Scramble a pack of cards and race to find the largest number then compare each other.

Kindergarten Shapes Flash Cards Printable
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Printable Shapes
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Preschool Shape Cards
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Printable Preschool Flash Cards
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Printable Shapes Flash Cards
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Printable Preschool Number Flash Cards
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What craft you can make from handprint?

As a starter for kids’ crafts, you can take things that exist around the kids. Handprint is a good example. Tons of shapes to take as the kids' craft. If you seek ideas, here are for you!

The butterfly could be fun to try! Here, you can also teach the kids about types of animals. Serve colored paper and instruct the kids to trace their handprints on it. Make two of them and create the cutouts.

Lilies are good for Easter crafting. Have white and green paper. White for the flowers while green for leaves accents.

A campfire sounds good to represent the camp activities. The handprints will be the flames. Use the popsicle sticks for the wood.


How craft can be beneficial for kids?

If you ever wonder why kids learning always stick with crafting, it’s because of the beneficial aspect that helps kids grow with it. Tons of benefits to crafting you might not realize.

  1. Fine motor skill

During the activity, kids will interact with any crafting tools and materials such as holding pen, paper, and more. Gripping the things and feeling the texture helps them develop motor skills.

  1. Improve self-expression

Art is a good way to express kids’ feelings. Through the craft, kids are able to make some creations through their imagination. It also helps them in well-managed feelings. Craft somehow needs patience and focus on the making. Sticking to the craft art frequently might stimulate those skills.

  1. Boost self-esteem

Confidence is also a part of craft benefits. By creating art, it develops kids’ confidence in elaborate things in front of them. Self-esteem also gains from the knowledge they have. The more craft does, the more also kids gain confidence in constructing the arts.

  1. Planning skills

Craft is always linked with steps by steps each kid have to apply. It leads them to create appropriate crafting. After kids experience many crafting exercises, it can develop kids skills in planning the things kids should do while crafting.

  1. Organizational skills.

Making art has so many things to organize. Starting from the tools, timing, and materials, kids have to know all and manage those things by themselves. You can have an exercise that requires kids to bring some crafting tools and materials while also setting the time for them to get done with it.

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