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Oct 30, 2021
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Printable Number Three Template
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What is The History of Number 3?

The history of the number 3 is related to the concept explained by Pythagoras. According to him, the number 3 is a unique number because of its perfect shape. The shape of the number 3 has the meaning of wisdom and harmony. In various fairy tales, the number 3 is also often referred to as the magic number.

Pythagoras explained that the number 3 is a lucky number. Number 3 is often used by artists to create various artworks. Most artists use it in pantomime operas.

What are Number 3 Templates?

Number 3 templates are templates that use the number 3 pattern. These templates are used to create various designs that require number patterns. You can make the pattern by yourself or use the pattern that is already available in the number 3 templates. However, we recommend you use the number 3 template to make it easier and faster.

Number 3 templates are a type of multifunctional template. This is related to the history of the number 3 templates which are also often used for various needs. Today, number 3 templates are commonly used for games, school assignments, decorations, and more. The number template also has many designs.

Because the number 3 templates can be used for various needs, you can introduce the number 3 templates to children. Let the children use the number 3 templates to recognize numbers. Kids can also use it to make DIY projects or crafts.

In addition, many teachers ask students to use the number 3 templates as school assignments. Many games also use number 3 templates. So, kids can use these number templates in a fun way.

If you want to get creative with these number 3 templates, you can use them as flashcards, coloring sheets, and stencil prints. Because of the many uses of this template, it's no wonder that many people use it. So, you also need to consider the number 3 template as the best tool to teach children art and numbers.

How to Make DIY Crafts with Number 3 Templates?

As previously explained, number 3 templates can be used to make various DIY crafts, so you need to teach various DIY projects and craft ideas using these templates.

Help children recognize the number 3 in a fun way through these activities. We have some of the best reference ideas for making the number 3 craft. So, how to make craft and DIY projects with number 3 templates? Here are some of the best ideas.

  • Painting Number 3: Because children love to draw, let them paint the number 3 using number 3 templates. This activity helps children understand the shape of the number 3, its uses, and its beauty. So, it's an awesome combination of math and art. Children must write the number 3 on a piece of paper using the number 3 templates first. After that, they can paint it using various colors.

  • Numbered Stones: You can make numbered stones with the kids. Use number 3 templates to paint number 3 on the rock. However, look for stones first to make these crafts. Don't forget to use colorful paint to make painting number 3 look more attractive.

  • Counting Apples: Well, this is an easy DIY project for kids to do. They have to make a tree shape using colorful paper on the number 3 template. After that, make three apples on the tree. It can be a tool to help children understand the concept of counting and number recognition.

Number 3 Stencils Printable
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Number 3 Template
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What is The Importance of Number 3 Templates for Kids?

The most important thing about using number 3 templates is to develop a number sense. Based on research conducted by Starkey and Klein in 1988, humans are born with the number sense ability. So, babies are able to understand numbers, but that ability is not too dominant yet.

Understanding numeracy is a basic life skill. Humans must understand numbers to survive. In the past, humans used simple numerical concepts to hunt and identify dangers around them. If an animal is around them, they must determine the chances of success in catching that animal. However, they have to run if there are many animals around them because it puts them in danger.

In fact, toddlers can recognize total objects without counting them. This ability is called subitising. Well, because number sense is important, children need to develop this ability. One way is to use number 3 templates.

If children use number 3 templates, they can explore many number 3 patterns. It will help them to visualize numbers in different contexts. So, they can use the number 3 to understand other numbers. Then, they can connect the various numbers and determine the pattern.

If you have introduced number 3 templates to children and let them do various activities using them, you need to evaluate their progress. There are several aspects that you should evaluate to review the increase in children's number sense skills.

  • Relationship of amount and quantity.
  • Systematic calculation.
  • Understanding symbols, number meanings, and vocabulary related to number 3.
  • Simple math operations.
  • Representation of the number 3 in everyday life.
  • Understand the difference between the number 3 and other types of numbers.
  • Understand the number 3 pattern.


Flexibility is an important key to understanding the number 3. So, you have to allow children to use number 3 templates in their various activities. In this way, children can understand the relationship between number 3 and other numbers. Finally, it also helps kids to recognize other numbers.

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