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Jan 27, 2022
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Vintage Valentines Day Card
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What are the types of Valentine cards?

There are several types we can observe when we shop in public or online. The first one is Hallmark's Valentine cards. The cards are produced by Hallmark company. Usually, their trademark is writing meaningful words on the card. It also has pictures of animals on it. The second one is an American one. Mostly, it has superheroes printed on the front or cartoons such as Rugrats, The Simpson, or Mickey Mouse. The next one is vintage style. This is the old design of cards. When the design is more than 20 years old, we can call it vintage. The last one is Victorian card. This card is designed with soft colors. The attributes are pictures of maiden, little girls, birds, and roses. Normally, it has faded lines. As a consumer, one can choose based on their preference to suit the message they want to send.

What is the history of card giving?

Through times, people send cards for many occasions. It dates back to ancient times such as in Egypt and China. People back then sent cards of good will. It happened on a new year in order to send away evil entities. In China, it was a culture brought by the Silk Road and sea routes. However, it became an industry in the 1400s by the Europeans. They started sending Valentine’s Day cards. It was popular in America and England. In the mid-nineteenth century, it explodes because of printing machines and it was supported by postal development. Seeing the increase of buyers, companies started investing in designers and artists. One of them is Marcus Ward and Co. Nowadays, one company stands out the most. It is Hallmark Cards Inc located in Kansas City. With color printing, the public takes a greater amount of interest. Card-giving becomes a worldwide culture that reaches many countries.

When should we give Valentine cards?

Many possible events may occur during the fourteenth of February. Sending out cards can be done directly or through mail even email. Usually, it happens and is accompanied by gift-giving. There are several opportunities. One of them is a classroom celebration. Usually, the teacher gives an allocated time to hand over the cards. It is an activity of exchange among students. The other event is a party at your friend’s house or a special occasion with a beloved one. The last one is a family gathering. It is important to give the card in a personal and light-hearted way. You can personally design every card for each person in your circle.

Printable Vintage Valentines
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How do we make a Valentine postcard?

To show your sincerity, you can make your own postcard. Although, if you want to buy Valentine postcards, there are plenty of shops that sell them. An online shop such as Etsy also is a good choice. In the case of doing it yourself, several items need to be prepared. The first one is a paperboard as a base. It is cut in the form of a rectangle. Inside it, put a piece of paper with a design of love or roses. Divide the page into two. The left side is for pictures and the right side is for written words. On the top left-hand corner, put a Valentine-themed postcard. Then, construct a message that is simple, beautiful, and personal to the person you love. On the other side of the card, put glitters or ribbons. It is necessary that you make it simple and do not overcrowd the pages.

What are the benefits of large Valentine cards?

A large Valentine card has its perks. While small valentine cards resemble that of a sticker, the large one contains space to write a more complex message. It is usually in the size of A4. There are several benefits of choosing the large Valentine cards. The first one is that it offers a complexity of the design. With more space, it means more designs can be included to create a coherent message. It also gives a better aesthetic because of the zoom-like quality on the paper. The receiver can see the color and patterns clearly. However, the most important thing is the bigger area to write. In a small one, a person only can write one or two sentences of wishes and gratitude. With a large card, one can write a poem on it. It transforms the paper into a work of art for the sender and also the receiver.

What should we write on Valentine’s Day?

In order to write a good message, a person has to be careful in arranging the words and meaning. In general, we can write a number of things. The first one is stating the fact of lovely traits or characteristics of a loved one that you appreciate. Sayings such as ‘you make the world better’ or ‘you take my breath away’ are suitable choices. The second one is giving compliments such as ‘I don’t deserve you’ or ‘we are awesome’ and such. Lastly, you can write a narrative of an important memory or a poem. You can describe your feelings regarding the event with your beloved.

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