Hilarious Birthday Cards Printable

Jul 06, 2021
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Hilarious Birthday Cards Printable
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Humorous Birthday Cards
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How do you say happy birthday in a funny way?

Well, when we want to celebrate someone's birthday, it won't be complete if we don't say "Happy birthday" to someone who has a birthday on that day. We can even give them a birthday card to commemorate and document our wishes toward them.

So, they can remember us as someone who doesn't forget their birthday. When it comes to writing birthday cards, yes. It surely needs to be memorable by the receiver. Commonly, we put our "flowery" words that are full of hope for them in the future.

However, there are some people who don't suit the romantic and sentimental card. It's because first, they are not our couple, second, some people's persona doesn't match something romantic. Instead, they are suitable for the persona of funny. So, things that we can do is giving them hilarious birthday cards.

However, some of us are not creative or even funny enough to make a joke inside the birthday cards. Well, we are here to ease your problems. We give you some examples of birthday cards words. The key is, using a pun and tease to spice the words inside the hilarious birthday card. Here are some greetings of birthday cards from us:

  1. Facebook reminder leads me to send you this hilarious birthday cards.
  2. Thank God you still survived until now.
  3. Well, I'm happy to see you stay alive and reach this age.
  4. I know, celebrating a birthday is nice, but slow down. Too many birthdays can make you get more wrinkles.
  5. Since this is your beerday, treat me with some beers.

Keep in mind, these kinds of hilarious birthday cards only suitable for those who like to joke around too, especially someone who you have known for a long time.

How do you wish someone a virtual happy birthday?

Actually, when it comes to sending hilarious birthday cards, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic, we can send them the virtual version of a hilarious birthday card. Well, some people may feel that the traditional birthday cards are full of the hassle.

It is because we need the postman to send it, we need to print it down, and we even need to wrap them up. Plus, in this pandemic, we need to limit our contact to other people, right? So, the best choice will be the virtual hilarious birthday card. Well, here are some inspo to send birthday cards for them:

  1. Design a poster or card of birthday cards, then upload it on social media and tag them.
  2. Create a collage of funny videos of you and someone who has a birthday, put the birthday cards inside the video.
  3. Do a zoom meeting and use the background of your panel using the funny picture of someone who has a birthday.
    Make a video call and let them see the birthday cards you have made before.

Funny Birthday Cards Women
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How do I make a virtual birthday card?

Well, the virtual hilarious cards are actually easy to design. Here are some steps to make hilarious birthday cards:

  1. Download birthday cards here.
  2. Customize it by changing the images. We can insert the funny images of someone who has a birthday, including the embarrassing one.
  3. Add the hilarious words in the birthday cards.
  4. Customize the theme by changing the colors and backgrounds. Again, we can use embarrassing pictures here.
  5. Download or save the customized birthday cards.

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