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Updated on Apr 08, 2022
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Superhero Birthday Party Printables
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How do you throw a superhero birthday party?

Kids might dream of a party with their favorite characters as the theme. Make the dream come true by throwing your kids' birthday party with a superhero theme. Before jumping into the party celebration, there are a bunch of things to list for preparation.

If you considering the superhero party to be your kids’ birthday, then this post is for you!

Start with picking the costume. Ask your kids about their favorite superhero character and go find the costume that fits them perfectly. Include their choice as the party theme. For example, if your kids pick the Iron Man as their costume, then the decoration should be in the Avenger theme too. Arrange the guest to use the Marvel characters theme as the dress code. Make sure you put it on the invitation.

Let’s talk about the invitation. No party without throwing the invitation first. Have an invitation design with the character’s head as the template. Put on the invitation information that guests should know such as the date and time, place, dress code, and RSVP.

Serve the treats and drinks in some stunning sticker templates too. You make the appearance of the dishes resemble the characters, so with the drinks. Don’t forget about the cake. Garnish it with a miniature figure to make it stunning.

Throwing some party games will make the party festive! Select the games and turn them into the theme. You can just go with the superhero scavenger hunt, bowling, hero toss, and so much more.

Just list and grab all the materials and make your kids' party dream come true!

What foods to serve at the Avenger superhero party?

Make your kids' party alive with servings of some delicate foods in its theme. You might seek ideas for foods kind to serve. Consider serving healthy sweets at the food station.

Go with the colorful ones that should be eye-catching too. Don’t forget to make it in line with the heroes’ party theme. If you need some food recommendations for the Avenger party, check this out and get inspired!

Have some cookies with Captain America symbol as the garnish. If you make it by yourself, then you’ll need the cream in white, red, and blue colors. Turn the fruit or marshmallow into Thor's hammer. Cut the fruit into squares and stick it into a wooden skewer.

Make it stand out with the eye-catching labels with the Thor hammers superpower tags. Make the strawberry look like the Spiderman head. Add chocolate toppings to it and insert the wooden skewer, so the kids easily take the treats along.

Fill your pudding cups with the green jelly and choco chips topping to look like Hulk. Have some face ornaments, so the kids will be excited to take them. Blue rice crispy sounds great to shape as Captain America's face.

Don’t forget the iconic mask as the garnish. Spider web from pretzel will attract the kids too. Just have the chocolate cream in red and blue to make it looks like belongs to Spiderman.

Select the ones between those ideas and make your kids' Marvel party stand out!

Printable Superhero Backdrop
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Printable Superhero Party Decorations
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How do you make a superhero wall décor?

While setting up your kids' room, you might consider what your kids love. If your kids are obsessed with the superhero, just go with it as the decoration theme. Take your kids to list their favorites and make the decoration out of it. Let’s check this out for new insight!

Having a wall décor with a painting sounds like a great idea. Place a large painting directly on the wall. You can turn the vibes into the superhero by adding some items that relate to the heroes.

It can be the color palette of its costume. Make the kids participate in making the wall décor through painting on canvas. Gather the materials such as the paint, brush, stencil, and canvas.

Stick the stencil on the canvas and let them begin to color it. You can have a template for them to copy the color. Let it dry and hang it on your kid’s wall.

Besides the painting, you can also go with the silhouette decoration. Let your kids participate in crafting this design. Choose the template for the decoration and have a stencil out of it.

Trace the stencil using the pencil in the black paper and let them cut it through the lines. Stick each silhouette on the wall. Choose the glow in the dark paper to make it stunning at night.

The wooden decoration needs to consider too. Have a wooden tag with their favorite hero’s name. involve your kids to participate in painting the tags to be more stand out. The LED signs sound great as the sleeping lamp too. Choose the ones that belong to the hero sign.

If your kid’s décor is all about the Marvel movie, just go with the Avenger lamp sign. Select the ones that belong to your kids and let them enjoy your arrangements!

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