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May 30, 2022
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Printable Summer Dot to Dot
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How can you come up with a winning plan when playing dots and boxes?

Unless you have no other choice, postpone adding the third side to a box. The following player up can finish a box once it has three sides for a point.

There is hardly a purpose to draw this third line in the beginning of the game because you are just giving your enemy a point.

Track the progress of a "run's" length while attempting to pass along the shortest chains feasible. You'll soon have to stop using boxes, and it's quite unlikely that you'll accomplish it all at once. 

Consider how many boxes a chain reaction would require before deciding which box to throw away.

Any chain longer than three squares should be allowed to end with your enemy winning the final two boxes. Though handing away free boxes may sound terrible, whatever is actually accomplished is that the other player is compelled to accept the two boxes and then hand over the next chain to you.

It should be noted that this tactic only succeeds if there aren't any open moves remaining; then, enemy could take the two boxes and still deny you a chain. This tactic will help you win the majority of your games if used properly.

Make decent enemies give you the first chain by applying pressure. Every game would appear to depend on who wins the first chain when both players were aware of the double-cross rule outlined above. They may then double-cross their enemy until they succeeded.

In most cases, the first chain's winner is the winner, which is correct. However, there is a technique to control the game so that you win the first chain, double-cross the remainder of the time, and win the round.

When attempting to enforce the proper number of chains, consider enclosing particular areas of the board. The previous rule is useful in concept, but in practice, you must understand how to put up the appropriate amount of chains in order for it to function.

To accomplish this, remember that almost all chains occupy chunks, not haphazardly snaking lines, of the board, which are huge, contiguous spaces. Create specific sections rather than specific chains.

If you know you're going to lose, offer a chain to start the count over. In addition, you have the opportunity to give up a chain before you're required to, but you must do it in a way that splits it into two different chains which you can lessen the long-term risk.

How does a summer connect-the-dots worksheet look?

The summer connect-the-dot worksheet, as its name suggests, can be a connect-the-dot game with a summer-themed feature. The sunflower pattern is one example.

On the worksheet, one side of the pattern has a dot with numbers on it, ranging from smallest to largest, which is a guide for working on the connect-the-dots sheet, while the other side has an outline that acts as a guide to the sunflower pattern's original shape.

The sunflower pattern will show once you have completed correctly connecting all the dots. You can next choose to color the sunflower in accordance with your preferences to make it more appealing.

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Summer Connect the Dots Worksheets
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What kinds of summertime activities are there for kids to participate in?

Participating in a variety of activities during the summer is fun and can help you, as a parent, create lasting memories with your child.

Therefore, you can attempt the following summertime activities with your kid:

  1. Riding a bike. If your children are older, bring them on a bike trail. Otherwise, bring them for an enjoyable bike ride close to your home. Bring water because it's going to be a scorching summer day!

  2. Make ice cream. A hot summer day calls for ice cream, and no child (or adult) in the world would say no. It's simple for parents to supervise this fantastic youngster pastime.

  3. Visit the neighborhood playground with friends. Invite some friends over and take the kids to a nearby playground so they may play on kiddie rides, merry-go-rounds, and other stuff.

  4. Go to a neighborhood or state park and have a picnic. An enjoyable meeting for kids can be planning a picnic in a nearby or state park. Finding shade is a must, though!

  5. Paintings created with sidewalk chalk. You can make some pretty entertaining chalk murals and designs with your kids if you purchase some interesting colored chalk.

  6. Explore the county fair in your area. Your kids will be delighted by the county fairs and carnivals that are held in most large cities.

  7. Baseball with water balloons. Combining two summertime pastimes occasionally results in a fun way to spend time outside. All you have to do is pump some water balloons using a whiffle ball bat. Your baseball game can now be exciting!

  8. Self-made bird feeder.Toilet paper rolls coated in bird seed and smeared with peanut butter are used to make this kid-friendly bird feeder. Your kids may observe the birds coming to eat when you hang it from a tree.

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