Printable Easter Bunny Stationary

Apr 01, 2022
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Printable Easter Stationery
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How can you decorate an Easter tree with the bunny theme?

Easter is coming! It’s a sign for you to decorate your house with an Easter theme and arrange some activities related to the celebration. Therefore, you must think of the place and item you want to décor in a similar theme.

The tree with a bunny theme could be the one you consider. If you seek ideas for decorating the tree, just check this out!

Before jumping into the makeover, you have to prepare all the materials first. It can be an artificial tree, dolls, headbands, colored paper, string, coloring tools, a pen, scissors, stencils, and glue. Let’s go with the decoration items first.

Turns out the paper into a bunny for the tree embellishment. Use the stencil template to trace and create the picture. Draw the face ornament by yourself. To make it versatile, you are also able to take the ear and head only.

Time for decorating the tree. Arrange your artificial tree first. Using the one that you have from Christmas is fine too. Place the headband and the dolls all over the tree.

The biggest doll will be spot on to place on the peak. Hang the bunny craft on the branch. To make the tree stunning at night, just add the tumbler lamp. The soft light will suit well on the tree.

Things you need to keep in mind are deciding the theme and listing the decoration items before you jump on. Happy Easter!

What can you include in the bunny stationary set?

When Easter is nearly close, you might start to think about the gift to share with your kids. The stationary set makes them excited in starting their learning after the Easter holiday. Bunny belongs to one of the symbols which you can consider as the stationary set theme.

If you are seeking for recommendation on a bunny stationery set to give to your kids, just check this out and get inspired!

Start with the basic stationery they commonly use at schools such as pencils, pens, coloring tools, books, erasers, and many more. Make the set bigger by adding the related theme sticker along with the bookmark kit for crafting.

Creating the planer for your kids sounds interesting too. You can have a book template and then embellish it with the bunny sticker on it. Fill the planner with the categories of school subject planner and daily planner for them to fill.

To turn it into a gift, of course, you have to wrap it nicely. Consider delivering the gift, better to wrap it with the things that belong to the celebration. Prepare the basket to be the gift bag and arrange the stationery set in there.

To make the gift more stunning, add the bunny doll along with the ribbon. Wrap it with plastic and don’t forget to get the tags along with your gift. That’s what you can include in the bunny stationery set.

Choosing the theme color for it is such a great idea for surprising the kids during the holiday. It also can be a great activity together to create a closer bond.

Printable Easter Bunny Letter Head
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Easter Stationery
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Printable Easter Stationery
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How do you prepare the Easter party for kids?

If you are thinking to arrange the Easter party for your kids, better to prepare every aspect well. Party themes, decorations, treats, and games are something you should pay attention to.

You can also make use of this idea to arrange some celebrations for the baby shower and your kids' birthday too. Let’s dive right in for jump to the party preparation!

There are numerous symbols that you can apply as the party theme. Go with the all-bunny theme party sounds interesting too. You can start with the backdrop that consists of balloons along with the bunny pictures on it. Don’t forget to attach the Happy Easter tags on it. Spread the banner around the party venue.

Build up the Easter tree to make the party more festive. Use the artificial tree to decorate and fill it up with all items arranged. For the treats, go with the bunny shape food.

The bunny cake will look cute yet delicate. Bunny cupcakes are what kids always waiting for. Add some healthy food too. The fruits are in bunny shapes and stick with the wooden skewer.

Cake pops in bunny shapes will attract the kid’s attention too. Shape the cookies with the bunny food stencil and insert the wooden skewer on it.

Arrange the Easter egg hunt as the game to play at your kid’s party. Therefore, you have to prepare the eggs to hide, the basket, and the prize. In this game, kids have to race in finding the egg. The winner will get a special prize from you.

Have a great party with your kids and make a memorable Easter celebration!

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