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Apr 01, 2022
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What is The History of Easter Chocolate?

The first chocolate Easter appeared in 1873 when Fry made the first chocolate egg. It was quite different from the usual Easter celebrations because people usually only distributed chicken eggs that had been boiled and colored. Fry innovates that tradition by making eggs and chocolate. Two years after that, Fry's competitors began copying the idea and making the same thing.

In France and Germany, chocolate eggs have been made long before Fry's idea. However, the chocolate eggs made in Germany and France are different from those made in England. The chocolate used is solid chocolate. However, Fry was the first person to be able to make hollow chocolate eggs and use a mold. 

Initially, the chocolate eggs were alligator eggs. With the times, there are many other forms of eggs that are used. In fact, chocolate is also made in the shape of animals.

After Fry's success with chocolate Easter eggs and it became a world-famous food company, in 1935 the company was taken over by Cadbury. Fry's Cream Bar and Turkish Delight Bar products are also sold under the Cadbury brand.

How Does The Cadbury Easter Eggs Become A Hit?

Cadbury Easter Eggs were first created by John Cadbury. In the past, the name of the chocolate egg was French Eating Chocolate. The chocolate eggs were made in 1842. In 1875, the new Cadbury Easter Eggs were made.

John did this because he was not quite satisfied with the other eggs they were competing with and was busy with his growing line of business. At that time, the chocolate Easter egg market was still struggling to develop. When the method of making chocolate in the mold was discovered, chocolate Easter eggs became famous.

The popularity of Cadbury Easter Eggs is the result of two major discoveries in the history of chocolate. The first is the invention of the press machine which is used to separate cocoa beans from cocoa butter. The inventor was a Dutch citizen in 1828.

Then, the second major discovery was the use of pure cocoa in 1866 which was introduced by the Cadbury Brothers. Cadbury makes large batches of cocoa butter to make the chocolate eggs more palatable.

Cadbury Chocolate Eggs were originally made from dark chocolate with a smooth surface. Then, new innovations emerged and led to the creation of chocolate eggs with unique decorations.

Richard Cadbury is a person in Cadbury who gives a lot of artistic touch to the chocolate egg decoration since 1983. Because of his skilled hands, Cadbury Eggs always sell in the market during Easter. Most of the designs he made were French, German, and Dutch arts adapted to Victorian art.

Not only that, but Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate products are also an important factor that contributes to the success of Cadbury's Easter eggs. The popularity of that new product was able to increase sales of Easter eggs. Until now, milk chocolate is the best-selling type of chocolate from Cadbury, especially during Easter celebrations.

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Egg-citing Facts About Chocolate

Easter chocolate is an attraction during Easter celebrations. The delicious taste is everyone's favorite and makes it a mandatory food for all celebrations. However, do you know the unique facts about Easter chocolate eggs?

  • Not only made in the shape of eggs, but chocolate is also often made in the shape of a rabbit. In fact, there was a survey conducted to find out which part of the chocolate bunny is people's favorite. From the survey, about 76% of people will eat chocolate rabbit ears first. Then, 5% chose to bite the leg, and 4% preferred to eat the chocolate rabbit's leg.

  • On Halloween and Valentine, candy and chocolate are mandatory foods. Even the celebration is the biggest celebration of chocolate and candy. However, Easter is also a big celebration of candy and chocolate that is celebrated every year.

  • There are over 90 million chocolate bunnies, 91.4 billion eggs, and 700 million marshmallows in 2017. This amount is the largest production ever made in The United States.

  • There is the largest chocolate rabbit ever made by Equipe da Casa do Chocolate, Brazil. The largest Easter chocolate bar was made in 2017. It is 45 meters tall and weighs more than 4.00 kilograms.

  • Because it tastes so good, children in England can get 8 pieces of Easter chocolate. The Birmingham Mail also mentions that they will eat it right away.

  • Easter chocolate has been a favorite food on Easter since the 19th century. Easter chocolate was first made in Europe. It is still popular today.

  • At the Easter celebrations, 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced and marketed.

  • Italy made the highest Easter chocolate with a size of 10.39 meters on April 11, 2011. The Easter chocolate weighs 7,200 kilograms with a radius of 19.6 meters.

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