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Jun 08, 2010
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Where Do People Play Christmas Carol Trivia?

Adults usually play Christmas carol trivia at Christmas parties. The party can be with family at home, roommates at the apartment, or colleagues at work. When at home, they do it in the living room in front of the TV. If the party is for a group of people, they can rent a hall or medium-sized room. Some also do it in a nursing home with the elders. At work, to reduce the tension and bring some fun before or after Christmas break, adults play this game in the office or meeting room.

What Kind of Questions for Christmas Carol Trivia?

The question basically can be about everything around Christmas songs. For instance, the notable history of an iconic Christmas song, a song that is taken from the Bible, the best-selling one, and so on. For the Christmas iconic one, the question can be like 'Which Christmas song was the first-ever aired on radio?' and 'In what year was Silent Night first performed?' For the Bible reference, you can ask about 'Joy to the World is based on which verse of the Bible?' and for the once-a-popular question can be 'Which Christmas carol is the third best-selling single in the world?'

Printable Christmas Song Trivia
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Printable Christmas Trivia Quiz
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Printable Christmas Carol Quiz
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Who Can Play Christmas Carol Trivia?

Everybody can play Christmas carol trivia, as many people like to sing along at Christmastime. Most of the families play this game at home before or after a karaoke night. They also involve the grandparents. Teens and young adults play this game at Church and Christmas markets because they can get money and meet a lot of people. And so do adults. They play this game at a Christmas party right before or after sing Christmas carols. And so, elders play this game with the children, as well as the other caregiver for the sake of their health and well-being. 

Can We Play Christmas Carol Trivia Multiplayer?

You can actually play this game with more than 2 people. A multiplayer mode for playing Christmas carol trivia is usually played with children and teens in the Church community. They play it for fun and bonding with the other youths. Adults can also play this game together in a group because not everybody familiar with Christmas songs. Although some of the people aren't familiar with the songs, they still enjoy being in the team from the solid teamwork they have. And of course, the laughter they make to make the party alive. 

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