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Updated on Sep 30, 2020
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What food commonly becomes the trigger of allergy?

Having a food allergy makes your body react when you eat something. To be exact, your immune notice after you consume the food that makes you have an allergy. The allergies can show different types of reactions. However, it also can become life-threatening. Here are some foods that commonly trigger them.  

Crustacean shellfish become the categories that commonly cause allergies. It consists of shrimp, lobster, and crab. Some fish can trigger the allergic too. It can cause by the protein contained in the fish.

Chicken eggs and cow’s milk are having animal protein content which can lead to reactions as allergenic foods. Besides the animals' contents, plant-based also can be caused allergies too. It can be soy, wheat, and peanuts.

Those are the foods that commonly caused allergies in human bodies. Therefore, it is important to know foods that caused allergies in your body. Make sure you be aware of this!

Why is it important to know about food allergies?

Knowing your medical condition is included in the important aspects you need to keep in mind. By understanding your medical condition, you will know details about the food that can cause allergies. It become very important to prevent serious health risks caused by food allergies.

Make sure you know the signs and symptoms that probably happen to you!

The common symptoms include the things that you are able to handle. It can be itching in the mouth, hives, swelling, wheezing, abdominal pain, and dizziness. Therefore, the allergies also can be life-threatening which is also called Anaphylaxis.

This condition includes rapid pulse, tightening of airways, swollen throat that caused heavy breathing, shock with the severe dropping of blood pressure, and dizziness. Anaphylaxis includes an emergency that needs to treat right away.

Knowing the effect along with the sign and symptoms of allergies might make you more aware of your allergies. Make sure you seek the doctor's help once you are having those reactions.

What are the signs of a good medical poster?

While planning to design the poster, of course, you need to start with planning the concept first. The topic is one you should keep in mind. Besides the content, you also have to be aware of the design. When it comes to health posters, the design needs to be great while the content can be effective as knowledge transfer. Let’s get to the details!

The things that need to be on the poster are the title, author names, and abstract. The abstract should contain the background, goals, method, result, and also a conclusion. Using an infographic as the poster component is great.

Include brief but complete text along with the picture for making the audience understand well. Spreading awareness through the poster can be great. Therefore, you need to make a medical poster that is in the text that everyone can understand.

Talking about the design, instead of going with the complex one you can just choose a simple design but still engaging. The background needs to be in line with the text and graphic color. The color contrast of all items is the one you should keep in mind. The font also has to be clearly read. The graphic should be appropriate for all ages.

Those are the things you have to keep in mind while making medical posters.  Make sure you are aware of every detail!

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What things to include in the food allergies poster?

Food allergy is a medical thing that everyone should pay attention to. To make people raise their awareness, you can use the poster to deliver it. Therefore, you need to know things to include on your food allergies poster. If you want to make one, just check this out to get inspired!

Choose whether the poster will be specific or general. The specific means you only focus on a material that can cause allergy. Meanwhile, the general food allergies poster includes almost or even all the foods which can trigger allergies.

The food allergies poster needs to include an explanation of the food allergies themselves. You can take the food that commonly triggered the allergies as the theme. Therefore, it needs to include the food name, food picture, and contents. aware them to always wash their hands before and after consuming food.

Going with the signs and symptoms of allergies is also a good idea. In this poster, you can explain each symptom that everyone may experience starting from the common to the life-threatening condition. Include also the sign when they should call the doctor. Make sure you also include the picture in each explanation to be more understandable.

Those things you can attach those to the food allergies poster. Keep in mind every detail and have a great poster that not only has the interesting look but is also knowledgeable deliver.

Foods that triggered allergies and the symptoms

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