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Nov 05, 2021
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Dollhouse Miniature Printables Food
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How do you set up a dollhouse?

Doll always becomes fascinating thing everyone dreams of in childhood. However, it’s not just a child thing, grow up also love to collect dolls and even their accessories, including the doll house. With a bunch of miniature props and rooms, setting every space is the most exciting part. Here to inspire you in setting the doll house.

When you buy a miniature house, the furniture is commonly separated items. Therefore, you also have a budget to get those miniature furnishes. The good is you can set them as your style. Fill each space as you imagine and make it resemble a real house.

Starting from the bedroom, provide the bed miniature along with all the components such as the pillow, blanket, and more. You might also dream of putting on a makeup table with an aesthetic mirror on it. Place a mat you can DIY from the leftover canvas. Have some embellishments of bed lamps, wall art, and more. Small details such as put a miniature house slipper will be awesome.

A wardrobe room sounds great to be a space on it. Things like transparent cabinets with clothes arrangements based on the colors. Shoes, heels, and jewelry are doll items you can show off there.

The living room should include too. Have the miniature furnish that matches the wall and floor. Add stunning decorations such as the vase and flowers on the table, paintings on the wall, and more.

What are some surprising facts about Barbie?

When everyone talks about the most famous doll in the world, they might choose Barbie as the first on the list. Aside from the beautiful looks with glamour accessories, this doll also has some interesting facts that you might be curious about.

Barbie was born on March 9, 1959. The inventor who was Ruth Handler brought her amazing creation of Barbie at the American International Toy Fair which takes place in New York.

The inventor was getting inspired by paper dolls. Ruth has the idea of constructing the Barbie was from her daughter who plays paper doll and has some roles there. She then decided to create a three-dimensional out of it.

Bild Lili was the inspiration for Barbie’s physical appearance. Bild Lili was a German doll created around 1952. It was not a doll for kids, but then Ruth brought it home and get the inspiration from it.

Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. The name is taken from Ruth’s daughter, Barbara.

The name Barbie and Ken are inspired by siblings. Barbara and Kenneth are the names of Ruth’s daughter and son.  

The doll has a book about its life. The story of Barbie was written through the Random House Book series which was released in the 1960s.

Billions of clothes are made for this doll. This is why Barbie is called a fashion icon. She had many variant clothes and might compare to human own.

Barbie has a lot of controversies. This doll received criticism for having unmade-sense body proportions. She also gets hated materialism around the 1970s. Based on the source, a Finland researcher found that the fat and Barbie’s body proportion is not enough for menstruation if she was a real woman.  

It’s a popular collectible. Due to the various models and skin tones which reach more than 170, many people love to collect this doll. Not only the doll, but people also even collect clothes and accessories.

Dollhouse Printables Food
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Dollhouse Miniature Printables Food
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What accessories to buy for your Barbie?

Leaving your Barbie only with the original clothes and accessories might make you bored. Come up with new items to buy separately. Have a list of them and search on your lovely marketplace. If you just figure out things to buy, here might become your inspiration!

Start with the clothes, it’s not only about the t-shirt and skirt. You can explore unusual items that suit you well for your barbie. For top wear, go with many options such as a cardigan, vest, long shirt, jacket, sweater, and more. Meanwhile, for the bottom wear, you can choose things like short pants, wide legs pants, leggings, long skirts, and more.

For the accessories, matching them with seasonal clothes sounds fun too! Have some options for hats such as winter hats, summer hats, sport caps, etc. Footwear is the one you should consider for. Boots, slippers, shoes, sports shoes, and heels are good to put on your list.

The bag would be a spot-on item to wear on your Barbie. Start from the waist bag, handbag, sling bag, and backpack.

Additional items such as a scarf, jewelry, miniature makeup tools, a smartphone, and hairpins could be good to include too. There are also various templates for some easy parts to print as your Barbie dollhouse touches such as a template for a handphone, laptop, or a fancy painting to attach.

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