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What is Student Progress Monitoring?

Student progress monitoring is a formal tool used to collect data on students in class. It is a tool with valid results and is used to map the performance of all students. For this reason, student progress monitoring is a credible system that is suitable for use by all teachers. The monitoring results can be used to make important decisions that can develop learning methods.

There are several aspects of student progress monitoring. These aspects are the assessment of student academic performance, the determination of the results of the evaluation of instruction, and the measurement of the level of progress and goals.

In addition, there are several important components of student progress monitoring. Some of them are as follows.

  • Selection of tools for measurement and evaluation.
  • Implementation of the assessment.
  • Determination of student barriers.
  • Understanding of student strengths.


Usually, the evaluation is carried out every one or two weeks. So, the goal of student progress monitoring is to assist teachers in evaluating the effectiveness of teaching in the classroom.

Because the goal of student progress monitoring is measuring student performance in class, the teacher must determine the best tool to measure and track this performance. Make sure that the tool provides an easy way to measure student performance. It provides valid results.

Teachers can compare various performances to determine conclusions from student progress. Finally, it is used as a tool by the teacher to make the right method for each student. However, if students get bad results from the method, look for other methods that are better. So, teachers must find teaching methods that suit the needs of each student.

Why Do Teachers Need to Conduct Student Progress Monitoring?

There are 3 main reasons why teachers should monitor student progress. First, teachers can track and evaluate student learning outcomes using this method. With student progress monitoring, teachers can track student performance regularly. Teachers can get accurate data to determine the level of students' understanding of the material in class. Teachers can also document all progress and results.

In addition, student progress monitoring can also help students to determine changes in instructions given to students. So, teachers can evaluate the teaching practices they provide to students. If student data shows an increase, the teacher does not need to make changes to instructions.

If students do not show good results on these instructions, the teacher needs to look for other instructions. So, the teacher must evaluate to make revisions. To make the right teaching strategies, teachers must collect more data.

Teachers can also use this monitoring to determine additional education for students. This must be applied, especially for children with disabilities.

How to Monitor Student Progress in the Classroom?

If you want to monitor student progress in class, you must determine the skill level of students. So, use a variety of activities to monitor student skills. You can also ask the parents of students.

In addition, you also need to determine learning objectives. Make sure those goals must be based on SMART principles. The method must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and have a deadline.

After that, talk about student progress monitoring with the parents of the students. You can use worksheets and share them with parents. Then, observe student progress and collect all the evidence. That evidence can be obtained from the assessment. Discuss the results with parents of students to be able to evaluate and determine the best teaching method.

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How to Evaluate Students' Performance?

There are various ways that can be used to assess or evaluate student performance in class. These methods are also easy to apply in learning. We have several recommendations for student performance assessment methods, from traditional methods to modern methods.

  • Observing Student Performance: Teachers have to observe student performance in class. So, teachers need to monitor all attitudes and student learning outcomes. If there are students who are not active in class, the teacher must understand that the student needs another method to be able to interact with others. So, the teacher must be objective in evaluating the performance of each student in the class.

  • Oral Assessment: The next method is to conduct an oral assessment. So, teachers need to use oral exams to be able to find out the level of students' understanding of the lessons in class. Teachers can interact with each student. Use the discussion method and ask them open questions. The teacher must also make the discussion comfortable for students. If you understand their thinking, try to help them increase that understanding.

  • Give Homework: Another way is to give students homework. This is the best way to analyze the level of student understanding related to learning in class. Teachers need to provide a variety of homework that is practical to do. Do not give students homework that is too difficult. Teachers also may not give homework related to the process of copying parts of textbooks.

  • Written Test: Teachers can also assess student performance in class through written tests. The test must be made based on the learning curriculum. It was an effective way to find out their understanding of the concepts previously explained.

  • Let Students Assess Themselves: The final way is to ask students to assess themselves. By evaluating themselves, students can understand their strengths and weaknesses. So, they can learn the concepts they do not understand.

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